Sinus Issues

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Sinus Issues is a condition wherein there is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue that is lining the sinuses. Normally, these sinuses are filled with air, but when sinuses are blocked and are filled with fluid and germs such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, it can result in infection. A sinus infection relates to pain that is directed at headache or eye, nose, cheek area due to pressure. According to Ayush Ayurveda Singapore, persons with sinus infection can suffer from a cough, fever, bad breath, and nasal congestion with thick nasal secretions can also occur in some conditions. Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore considers this condition as Dushta Pratishyaya.

Dushta Pratishyaya or Sinus Issues is a type of vata disturbance mainly affecting the respiratory tract. For those suffering from Sinus Issues, Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore recommends Panchakarma process approach. At Ayush Ayurveda Singapore, Panchakarma is a multifaceted approach to managing Sinus Issues which combines potent rituals with oral medications and a combination of diet and lifestyle modifications to speed up the healing process and also provide lasting relief to the sufferer.

Detoxification is the first ritual a sufferer of Sinus Issues needs. For this, methods such as Nasyam, Lepanam, Thalam, Vamanam, Shirodhara are usually recommended based on one’s dosha type and the severity of Sinus Issues.

Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore has successfully helped many people overcome their Sinus Issues through these methods which are in strict adherence to the principles and processes as prescribed by the ancient science of Ayurveda. 

In Nasyam, herbal ghee/oil is poured into the nasal passage of the patient. There are different types of Nasyam, such as Virechana, Brimhana and Samana. Every kind of Nasyam ritual serves a different purpose, and are an excellent remedy for lubricating and clearing the nasal passage.

Lepam also known as Siro Lepam, cures not just Sinus Issues but also helps relieve migraines and insomnia. In this method, a mixture consisting of special herbal oils is applied on the head, followed by the application of an herbal pack, spread all over the head. A plantain leaf is then used to cover the head, and it is secured by a special cloth called Varth.

Thalamor Shiro Pichu is yet another of Ayush Ayurveda Singapore’s care ritual that provides relief from multiple symptoms, similar to those caused by Sinus Issues. The process involves the use of a sterile cotton swab which is soaked in herbal oils and then placed on the skull, at the crown. The herbal oil-soaked pad is secured in place using a gauze. Usually, surasadi thailam and tulsiyadi thailam are used in this process.

Vamanam: One of the cornerstones of Panchakarma, Vamanam process purges out toxins from the body through induced vomiting. The Ayush Ayurveda Singapore method restores the Kapha dosha and in doing so, extricates toxins, chiefly from the respiratory tract. It serves a double purpose as it acts as a preventive method as well as curative ritual.


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