Post Delivery Massage

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Post Natal Care is a speciality by itself in Ayurveda. The mother who has just given birth to a baby is termed as ‘Sutika’ and the care for her is termed as ‘Sutika Paricharya’. Sutika is a 6-week phase during which rest, care and nutrition of the highest order should be provided to the mother. This helps her body regain all the lost energy and brings the imbalanced doshas to normalcy.

Immediately after delivery, there is a dramatic alteration in woman’s body, with the suddenly vacated uterus filling up vata which if left unattended can lead to ailments during the sutika phase or in the immediate future. Post Natal Care through Ayurveda ensures not only a healthy life ahead but also well-figured and beautiful body.

Sutika Daily routine:

Abhyanga: A rejuvenating Abhyanga is the foremost of all therapies prescribed by Ayurveda. Abhyanga also relieves post-natal backache and joint pain. In case of caesarean delivery, massage is given after 21 days.

Vaginal fumigation (Yoni Dhoopan) : Body massage and bath should be followed by Vaginal fumigation for the disinfection of uterine cavity, private parts, and reduces laxity of pubic muscles. Vaginal fumigation is done with sandal wood powder and dhoop (medicated incense) or garlic skin or dill and carom seeds or sweet flag depending upon women’s prakriti.

Belly Binding : Belly is tightly wrapped with a long cotton cloth or belt bellyafter bath, for minimum of 5-6 hrs a day. This provides excellent support for the back and the abdomen, subsides vata in uterine cavity, prevents backache and sagging of belly post delivery. This also helps in maintaining good posture for breast feeding.

Internal Ayurvedic Medicine: Internal medicines are also prescribed to clean the system from the inside.

Benefits of Post Natal Care through Ayurvedas

  1. Removes the physical trauma of labour
  2. Restore the shape and tone of the stomach muscles
  3. Hormone regulation promoting breast milk secretion
  4. Rejuvenates and relaxes mother
  5. Relieves tension and depression
  6. Removes stretch marks
  7. Improves postpartum hormonal balance
  8. Treatments for preventing hairfall and skin pigmentation
  9. Keeps figure and vigor of mother
  10. Removes postnatal back and join pains
  11. Prevents wear and tear of bones
  12. Improves immunity
  13. Reduces fat formed in the body during pregnancy

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