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One of the most common Ayurvedic therapy

Also known as the Special Herbal Massage, Abhyangam is one of the most common Ayurvedic therapy. The client is seated on the Droni (Ayurvedic therapy bed). The masseur stands on the side of the client, applying herbal oil on the head and massages gently. The massage is continued on the neck, ears, shoulders, chest and back. He is then turned on his back and the massage is continued from shoulder to toe. During the course of the massage the client lies on his right , left, stomach, again on his back and finally in the seated position. General Massage (Abhyangam) has been found very effective for improving eyesight, longevity, sound sleep, rheumatism, vitality and invigorating glowing skin. This massage is also a preventive medicine; in short it rejuvenates the body and maintains the physique. It also improves appetite, reduces stress levels and builds the body’s immunity.


  1. Improves circulation
  2. Improves muscle tone
  3. Eliminates toxins from the body through the pores
  4. Makes the skin smoother, softer and rejuvenated

Duration: 60 mins

Price: $64.20


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