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A holistic  massage that  rejuvenates the whole body

This is a specified massage that targets the whole body in a therapeutic form  . The prescribed medicated oil is applied on the base of the head and the entire body. The client lies on the droni therapy massage table . A piece of linen dipped in warm medicated oil is squeezed over the client’s body whilst adequate circulation is provided through intense therapy . The therapist directs the massage slowly with adequate  pressure needed  . This massage therapy  protects the body  from illnesses , improves immunity, vitality and  increase ones over all health.

It also aids in the healing of rheumatic diseases, blood pressure, reduces inflammations in joints and also diabetes.


  • Alleviates nervous disorders, osteoarthritis, cervical , lumbar spondylosis, disc problems, inflammation in the joints , paralytic conditions and muscle weakness
  • Tones the skin
  • Prevents scales and wrinkles from appearing

Duration: 60 mins
Price: $80.00


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