Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Ayurveda

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Cerebral palsy is one of the common causes of childhood disability. It is defined as ‘a group of non-progressive but often changing motor impairment syndromes which are secondary to anomalies or lesions of brain arising in early stages of its development.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Ayurveda is known to have no cookie- cutter approaches to treatment. Ayurveda undertakes many procedures and protocols to heal the pain and agony of patients affected by Cerebral Palsy through the correct treatment combinations and the right ratio of the medicines.

Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Ayurveda uses combination therapies such as Panchakarma which is a collective term indicative of five major therapeutic procedures of detoxification to cleanse the body channels, along with many other supportive procedures. Primarily, these practices are aimed at eliminating ama (toxins) from the body and cleansing the channels.

In Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Ayurveda, Abhyanga (oil bath) is advised to be practiced daily. Oil is anointed all over the body, especially on the head, in the ears and on the feet. Shirodhara, a soothing head treatment that is known for the rejuvenation and revitalization of the human mind and body is one of the highly recommended therapies in Cerebral Palsy Treatment in Ayurveda.

Along with the prescribed Ayurvedic treatments like Podikizhi procedures, integrated therapies like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and sensory integration therapy aids children in improving their skills and health condition. This enables the overall physical and mental development of the child.


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