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Ayurveda advocates regular panchakarma as a great way to detoxify the body and remove all harmful “ama”. Panchakarma works holistically from the inside out, clearing all systems of any accumulated toxins and leading to better functioning of organs. It also helps enhance liver function. Panchakarma can be done professionally at an ayurvedic centre over a period of time, or done in a simpler way at home on the advice of a skilled ayurvedic doctor. The miracles of panchakarma are renowned, and it can be done if you experience any of the below conditions.


5 REASONS TO TRY PANCHAKARMAConstipation is a major issue affecting numerous people due to improper diet and unhygienic eating habits. It has become so common that some people are unaware that they suffer from constipation. Ayurveda stipulates that regular bowel movement every day is essential for health. Failing to do so will lead to increased toxicity in the body, accumulation of ama, and blocking of digestive tracts. This issue usually signifies an imbalance of vata, though it can be caused as a result of tridoshic imbalance as well. Practicing panchakarma is a good way to regulate passing of stools and clear any waste which has been stuck in the body. It heals the body from the inside, and leaves people feeling refreshed and energized.


Skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore can be an indicator of ill health. Acne and skin issues such as eczema, flaking of skin, rashes may all be indicative of problems with internal organs or systems. By doing panchakarma, easily digestible foods are consumed which allow the body to purge itself of ama. All pitta imbalances can be healed by following this practice.


5 REASONS TO TRY PANCHAKARMAAllergic reactions to dairy, legumes and certain grains have become extremely common. According to Ayurveda, the reason for this is improper eating habits, bad food combinations, chemicals or toxic substances in food and high junk food intake. All these get stored in the body in the form of ama which can slow down digestion and cause other secondary problems as well. It also reduces the potential of agni, and weakens it, resulting in the body being incapable of digesting heavy food. During panchakarma, the body resets itself, purging itself of toxins and rekindling the agni for better digestive process. After this, better absorption of food has been observed as well as better bowel movements.


Busy lives and hectic schedules all result in great mental stress. This manifests itself in the form of anxiety and can even cause other physical side effects. Ayurveda believes in holistic healing which involves mental as well as physical wellbeing. If the mind is in turmoil, the body responds by causing health issues. During panchakarma, regular Abhyangam helps soften ama while also having a soothing effect on the mind. It allows one to relax and unwind, while providing intense stimulation. Meditation and yoga also aid in better reception of panchakarma by the body, mind and soul.

Consult an ayurvedic practitioner to try panchakarma and experience a boost mental and physical health.


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