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How often do you wake up in the morning experiencing tremendous back and shoulder pain? How many times are you unable to concentrate on work because of irregular sleep and anxiety disorders? Or maybe feel a knee or joint pain while walking or running? A daily regimen based on the natural principles of Ayurveda can help you achieve a sustainable and positive life. Ayush, an authentic ayurvedic clinic has well-renowned consultants and consultants who help you gather a natural and holistic approach towards life by means of Ayurveda focusing on the physical and mental well-being of a person. Being a well-renowned ayurvedic clinic, Ayush believes that the ayurvedic system of medicine has the potential to cure, heal and uplift the world through treatments ranging from healing massage therapies, prompt consultations, and  internal consumption of ayurvedic medicine.

Many ayurvedic treatment centres like Ayush help you realize how Ayurveda is a major cleansing and healing process that becomes a key aspect of your life once you start practicing it daily. In order to approach a holistic lifestyle, it is also necessary to follow ayurvedic practices in your day-to-day routine for a healthier life especially when the whole world is under lockdown. Some of the natural ways by which one can practice Ayurveda at home can be,

  • Wake up early in the morning preferably before the sun rises as it calms and freshens up the body for the entire day. After waking up, gently move your hands to your face and chest till your waist in order to clean your aura.
  • Drink plenty of water as it helps to flush out toxins from the body just like resolving the doshas present in the body. It helps in digestion and cleanses impure blood present in our body, thereby acting as an excellent healer.
  • Practice yoga, pranayama, and meditation daily to set the tone for a relaxing day. Several ayurvedic treatment centers recommend practicing yoga as Yoga and Ayurveda are two complementary branches which helps cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Gently scrape your tongue for 7-14 times as it helps in digestion, stimulate the internal organs, and get rid of dead bacteria present in the tongue.
  • Don’t keep your eyes glued to the screens of computers, laptops or phones for long hours particularly late during the night. Going to bed early is a natural ayurvedic practice that helps decrease anxiety, insomnia, and stress because rest is considered to be a basis of any kind of dynamic activity.
  • Eat a full breakfast to keep your body hale and hearty. An insufficient or missed breakfast irritates the doshas causing an imbalance in the body which deteriorates your health.
  • Treat your body through ayurvedic massages like Abhyangam which is a simple rejuvenating process of massaging the skin with herbal oils that pampers and relaxes the body. It can be easily done at home.

These are some of the ways by which Ayurveda can be practiced at home in order the prevent diseases and maintain a healthy life without any worries. Call Ayush for precise ayurvedic consultation and remedies even when you are home.

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