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Fennel seeds have been used extensively as a digestive aid. For this reason, they are immensely popular in Indian restaurants and typically offered as a mouth freshener after a meal. Fennel seeds have a mild and pleasant minty taste. They are almost licorice like and are used in cooking a variety of Indian dishes. Ayurveda recognizes the significant effect of fennel in digestion and other health issues as well.

AYURVEDIC REMEDIES WITH FENNELFennel seeds can be helpful for:

Fennel seeds are a rich source of vitamin B3 and C. They are also rich in magnesium, potassium and iron. Since they also have dietary fiber, these seeds provide immense relief from constipation. They aid in removal of ama or toxins from the body. Fennel seeds have also been noted to prevent inflammation and reduce the risk of cancer.


Fennel has been used widely in Ayurveda. It has tridoshic properties which means it can help reduce vata, pitta and kapha doshas. Fennel has a cooling nature. It provides the best effects when steeped in water rather than when cooked. Ayurveda makes use of fennel in a number of ways to treat AYURVEDIC REMEDIESvarious ailments as described below.

  • Steep 1/2tsp of fennel powder in water. Boil well and palm sugar. This concoction is a great remedy for colds.
  • Make a mixture of unsweetened grape juice, ½ tsp fennel powder and ½ tsp cumin powder. Drink this to help alleviate fever.
  • Make a mixture of fennel, cumin and celery seeds. After every meal, take about a tsp of this mixture to prevent bloating or gas. It relieves any pressure in the stomach as well.
  • As part of Dinacharya, consume a handful of fennel seeds every day to improve circulatory health and blood purity.
  • Steep 1 tsp of fennel seeds in water and boil. This mixture can be given for babies to stimulate better appetite.
  • In the summer season, the possibility of heat stroke increases. Make a fennel tea with fennel seeds and add some salt. This is a good recovery drink for those who have suffered from heat stroke.
  • Roasted fennel seeds greatly improve digestion. Consume a little before eating.

Always consult an ayurvedic doctor for the best ways to incorporate fennel into your diet.


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