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Ayurveda has always been firmly rooted in the belief that healthy living promotes healthy life. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to practice an ayurvedic lifestyle to ensure perfect functioning of all the systems in the body. The gastrointestinal system is very important, and even more so during the time of the coronavirus. By keeping all our systems working smoothly, the human body’s immune system also functions without a hitch. This helps keep infections at bay. 

Ayurveda prescribes certain practices which can help boost gastrointestinal health. Eating too much junk food, excessive consumption of food, eating cold meals and unhealthy habits can lead to constipation, bloating and more, all of which leave the body more susceptible to attack by diseases. 

Below are a few ayurvedic methods which will help keep your gastrointestinal system in prime condition. 

  • Regulating food intake is one way to keep the body fit. Over consumption due to quarantine and easy access to a variety of food must be curbed. This is because, during times of the pandemic, in order to promote immunity, it is essential to keep the gastric fire burning constantly. This can be done by maintaining a diet of less food than usual. By not completely satiating hunger, the gastric fire or agni remains burning, and this promotes digestion, stomach health and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. 
  • Increase intake of Rasam. This is a dish which greatly improves digestion. By regularly drinking Rasam, the stomach is kept balanced and healthy. Instead of Rasam, a soup may be had as well. The necessary ingredients are below.


Use tomatoes while making the Rasam and replace tamarind with the Indian gooseberry or lemon. Add generous quantities of ginger, long pepper, black pepper, curry leaves, turmeric, and green chillies as necessary. Avoid ginger if you have a sensitive stomach. 


Using tomatoes or Courgette as the base, add in small quantities of common nettle, celery root, purple onion, horseradish and ginger. Again, avoid ginger if you have a sensitive stomach. 

There are special herbal decoctions or teas which can be consumed daily to help the gastrointestinal system. This can soothe the intestines and also allow the body to go through the steps of digestion without gastric, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea and more. The recipes are given below. 



Ajwain – 10g 

Jeera – 5g

Black cumin – 10g

Coriander seeds -25g

Black pepper – 5g

Long pepper – 5g

Wash and crush the herbs. Add 2 liters of water and boil for 10 minutes. Filter and store.


Yarrow flower – 10g

Mint – 5g

Common sage – 5g

Breckland thyme – 5g

Lipa leaves – 5g 

Rose hips – 30g

Boil 3 liters of water. Add the herbs and allow them to steep while boiling for a other 10 minutes. Filter and store.plums

Avoid constipation by drinking a concoction of plums daily. Soak 30-50g of dried plums in 300 ml of water for about 4 hours. Blend it and drink. This will ensure daily regular bowel movements..

Another important consideration is to avoid drinking and smoking completely during this time. This allows the body to function at its best without any intrusions. It is also advisable to consume a purely vegetarian diet if possible. 

Inculcating the above formulae in to life can help prevent possible coronavirus infection. Lead an ayurvedic way of life and feel the change in your body. Ayush provides consultation with skilled ayurvedic practitioners to provide the best Ayurvedic remedies and practices for you.



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