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Sun damage is a rapidly increasing skin issue in today’s world. The reason for this being, more and more people are exposed to sunlight for prolonged hours without protection, and are unaware of the dangers of the same. A cloudy day, or inside a room with windows may seem like you’re safe from harmful UVA and UVB rays. However, this is not the case. Clouds and glass don’t cut down the harmful sun rays by much, making it vital to keep skin protected at all times. But how about skin which has already been damaged by the sun? Ayurveda has numerous ways to help. Google “ayurvedic clinic near me” to find the closest Ayush centre and get the advice of top Ayurveda practitioners on how to handle sun damage and sun burns.

Aloe vera is a time-tested, ayurvedic medicine to soothe sunburns. Rather than buying aloe vera gels which may contain preservatives or other chemicals, try growing a plant at home. This way, you can simply break off a part of it and apply fresh aloe vera which will calm the skin. Ayurveda also recommends drinking aloe vera juice to hydrate the parched skin from within.

Another ayurvedic medicine which helps heal the sunburned skin entirely is a mixture of sandalwood paste and turmeric. Sandalwood cools and calms the skin while turmeric, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties heals and repairs the skin.

Coconut oil is another powerful ayurvedic way to treat sunburns. It absorbs rapidly into the skin, deeply hydrating it. It relieves any stinging sensation and calms redness.

When using ayurvedic remedies, it is always important to consult with a skilled ayurvedic doctor. Look for “ayurvedic clinic near me” to find the closest Ayush centre if you live in Singapore. Ayush has a great panel of doctors who provide the best Ayurvedic regimen for your skin related issues.




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