NABHI CHIKITSA – For healing

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Ayurveda is an intricate and detailed science which provides great insight into the importance of every part of the body. One of the most commonly overlooked parts, which is not thought to be too important according to western medicine, is the belly button or “nabhi”. The belly button is an important marma point according to Ayurveda for a number of reasons. The most important is that the belly button is the first point of contact from the mother to the baby, and provides the foetus with all necessary nutrients for healthy growth. When the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut off, resulting in the knobby belly button. However, this point is still one of the most vital points which possesses great significance in helping maintain health.


  • The nabhi, or belly button has the thinnest layer of muscle between the inner vagus nerve and the outer layer of skin. Skin is extremely thin here, meaning any stimulation directly reaches the brain.
  • The navel is a ‘power hub’ of nerves with over 72,000 nerve endings which makes it vital to look after it.
  • The belly button is the location of agni according to Ayurveda. This controls digestion, urination, and formation processes. Therefore, therapy for the navel helps regulate these bodily functions as well.
  • There is a flourishing microbiome within the navel, which is often home to a number of good bacteria and is an indicator of health and immunity.
  • The nabhi is one of the 3 most vital points of marma, which has an abundance of nerve endings and can help promote better digestion, circulation, mental stimulation and, even improve vision.


Due to the importance of the navel in boosting health, it is important to take good care of it.

  • Wash your belly button thoroughly with mild soap and water daily when you shower.
  • Since the nabhi is the point of the solar plexus, regular yoga, pranayama can help increase the size of the solar plexus which in turns promotes better health.
  • Gently massaging the belly button is another great way to stimulate all the nerves in the region. Using your thumb, apply a little pressure on the nabhi, hold for 5 seconds and release. Breathe slowly as you do this. Repeat this a few times every day.


Applying a few drops of oil and massaging it into and around the navel every night before you sleep is a great way to attain great results. Depending on the results you wish to see, you can use different oils. This is a natural way to heal the body without any side effects. However, it is essential to be consistent and patient in order to see results. Below is a list of a few oils and the ways they can help.

  • Almond oil – helps attain glowing skin
  • Mustard oil – helps cure chapped lips, relieves headaches and improves vision
  • Ghee/ Butter – helps to make skin soft, supple and well hydrated
  • Neem oil – helps cure acne and rashes from the skin
  • Olive oil – helps relieve back aches, stomach aches and improves digestion

This is a simple ayurvedic practice which produces miraculous results when done regularly. Consult an ayurvedic practitioner to get advice on the best way to do nabhi chikitsa according to your body type and ailment.




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