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Around the world COVID-19 has brought normal life to a standstill. Our entire routines have drastically changed, and revolve around safety measures first and foremost, with essential services and necessities being prioritized. During these trying times, it is absolutely necessary to keep our overall health and wellness, both physical and mental, in the best possible form. This will help us overcome this pandemic safely, without any detrimental effects.

Ayurveda has always placed utmost importance on maintaining the human body, and ensuring it is functioning without any problems. This can be maintained during the lockdown by following a strict ayurvedic lifestyle in day to day activities which impact our lives positively in several ways.ayurveda treatments

With the lockdown in effect, and even after it is eased, social distancing and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 means that ayurvedic therapies in clinics will be unavailable. This brings forth the dilemma of how to handle existing conditions as per custom ayurvedic plans, without regular consultation with ayurvedic practitioners and necessary herbal or medical remedies. Ayush provides telephonic consultation during this time, with highly skilled ayurvedic professionals, who provide all necessary input required to continue your ayurvedic healing, or provide ayurvedic practices which can easily be performed at home for any ailments you might be suffering from. All necessary medication will be delivered promptly, to ensure there is no stoppage in at-home treatments.

In addition to this, there are also constant updates in the Ayush website, which provides regularly updated articles on ways to implement Ayurveda in your life on a daily basis in simple ways at home, as well as a detailed description of various Ayurveda recommended herbs which can be consumed in order to boost immunity and keep your body fit and healthy. If you have any particular ailments which require specific treatments, the telephone consultation makes it easy to find the perfect ayurvedic solution for the problem. Whether a common cold, or prolonged arthritis, Ayurvedic solutions are easy to access during the lockdown period with Ayush.



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