Easy-to-do Ayurveda at home

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Why practice Ayurveda now?

With rapid environmental changes like harsh climatic conditions, loss of wildlife, and nature along with deteriorating lifestyle changes like drinking, smoking, irregular sleep, junk food, etc, our body has been becoming susceptible to various diseases. In times such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more important and necessary to take care of your health and gain substantial immunity needed to keep diseases out of our vicinity. Ayurveda as a mechanism of natural healing and well-being has a very crucial role to play more than ever now. So whether you are in need of treating any problems or disorders or need medical advice on how to take care of yourself during these times, we suggest you start with a Google search for ‘Ayurveda near me’. Ayurveda at Ayush has some much to contribute towards your health and well-being. When you are led from your Google search for ‘Ayurveda near me’ to the nearest Ayush Ayurveda clinic, you will get to see for real how a 5000-year-old-Vedic system of medicine is more than just massage therapies, customized treatments, and more than anything, a way of life. The doctors at Ayush disburse not only medical advice and prescribe treatments and medications, they will also be first to guide you through to a different and extremely beneficial routine change suitable for your body and as is needed for faster recovery from your illness.

Understanding Ayurveda according to dosha

In your search for ‘Ayurveda treatment near me on the internet, you will come across numerous life-changing and curative treatments suggested by ayurvedic doctors that can help you take the first step towards Ayurveda. As you take your first step towards Ayurveda through your ‘Ayurvedic treatment near me’ results, understand your body dosha that is responsible for your ailment. After thorough research and understanding, practice treatments suitable for your dosha. Always take the advice of an authentic Ayurveda practitioner from Ayush Ayurveda. Lastly, there are various massage therapies that can be easily done at home, benefiting one’s health. Try to do some of them at home.

Some of these massage therapies are:

Abhyangam – Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in an ayurvedic self-care massage routine. Abhyanga is an easy-to-do deep conditioning massage with herbally infused warm oil. It helps reduce stress and calms the mind, improving concentration and memory.

Nidra – Good sleep is the key to ayurvedic lifestyle which is known as Nidra. Indulge in a soothing foot massage with warm oil before going to bed and you can feel fresh all throughout the next day.

Pranayama – Doing pranayama breathing techniques is simple and can soothe and replenish the body immensely. It can help in the case of even major ailments like asthma, cold, fatigue, lethargy, and cough issues.

Nasyam – It is a simple procedure in which medicated oil is administered into the nostrils to treat congestion and sinusitis. As during this time we are highly prone to cold and flu systems, it’s recommended to practice Nasyam 3-4 times a week.

These are some of the ways by which you can start at-home ayurvedic treatments to fight any ailments along with starting a sustainable lifestyle. Apart from this, when you are searching for the right ‘Ayurvedic treatment near me’, make sure you visit Ayush’s website to fix an appointment with ayurvedic doctors or walk-in for a proper diagnosis and treatment from Singapore’s most authentic Ayurvedic clinic – Ayush.


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