Hormonal Imbalance Treatment in Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is all about finding your optimal mind-body balance and this means balancing your hormones. Hormones have powerful effects on many of our body’s basic processes, from regulating hunger to influencing our reproductive systems.

Just as western medicine talks about cycles in the production of estrogen and progesterone through ovulation and the menstrual cycle, Ayurveda talks about how we are governed by different doshas (energy principals) at different times during our menstrual cycle—in fact right from childhood, puberty, menarche to menopause and in aging gracefully.

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment in Ayurveda exists for the sole reason to promote better health alternatives for women. Hormonal Imbalance Treatment in Ayurveda treats stress as the main cause which brings the bad effects of imbalance of hormonal levels in the body. For cure and treatment, it is important to know about the reason behind the disease. Remove the cause and effect will disappear by itself.

According to our Ayurveda physicians, Shirodhara is a highly recommended treatment for hormonal imbalance wherein warm oil is poured on the forehead area known as the ‘Third Eye,’ which is associated with the Pituitary and Pineal glands. Hormonal Imbalance Treatment in Ayurveda highly recommends this treatment that is generally done as part of Panchakarma since it directly targets the central nervous system and the associated pineal and pituitary glands. Udwarthanam is another recommended therapy that helps improve blood circulation and in effect, restore better flow and distribution of essential hormones within the body.


So, for the wellness of the both physical and psychological self, it is important to have a sound hormonal system within the body. For expert Ayurvedic help for Hormonal Imbalance treatment in Ayurveda, you can send us an email and our medical experts will be able to share committed consultation with you related to your ailment.


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