Netra Tharpanam

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Netra tharpanam is an ayurvedic therapy which is used to treat ailments of the eyes. This treatment can be done as a preventive measure as well. In the modern world, day-to-day life includes several hours of prolonged exposure to screens. Staring at laptops, mobiles and tablets throughout the day can cause a variety of symptoms such as dry eyes, itchiness, sleeplessness and more. Ayush Ayurveda Singapore provides Netra Tharpanam treatment which is carried out under the able guidance and supervision of highly skilled consultants at Ayush Ayurveda Singapore. At Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore, care is taken to ensure the entire experience is comfortable for the patient. All steps of the ayurvedic procedure are explained carefully beforehand as a method of preparing the patient for the therapy.

Netra Tharpanam therapy is one of the most important ayurvedic treatments required in today’s lifestyle. With almost all aspects of life requiring digital intervention, everyone is exposed to an increasingly large amount of “screen time”. This causes huge strain on the eyes and results in loss of eyesight, early cataracts and so on. By availing this therapy at Ayush Ayurveda Singapore, it is possible to reverse some of the harmful effects of the blue rays emanating from the computer/mobile screens. In addition to the treatment itself, changes to lifestyle are essential to prevent long-term damage to vision. Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore has a number of experienced ayurvedic consultants who will provide more insight into caring for the eyes and at-home ayurvedic practices which can keep eyes healthy.

The term Netra Tharpanam is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘netra’ which means eye and ‘tharpanam’ which means rehydration. This therapy is done by forming a barrier/well using a herbal paste around the eye region. This barrier is then filled with medicinal ghrita or ghee. The ghee is prepared by warming it and adding herbs which are chosen according to the dosha of the patient. Other factors such as ailment to be treated can affect the nature of the herbs used in the medicinal mixture. The warm ghee is then poured into the barrier/well and allowed to sit. The patient will be asked to keep their eyes open and closed for periods of time. The ghee acts as a powerful cleanser for the eye, while also restoring moisture into the eyeball. It detoxifies the eyes and helps treat eye conditions. The ghee lubricates the eyeballs as well. It deeply penetrates the eyes and removes any dirt or effects of pollution. Netra Tharpanam can also help with mental conditions such as stress and anxiety. When done regularly, it helps maintain eye health.


  • Helps treat dry eyes and provides intense hydration.
  • Reduces damage caused by overexposure to blue light.
  • Helps treat conjunctivitis and other eye infections.
  • Prevents formation of cataracts.
  • Stimulates the nerves in the eyes and promotes better vision.
  • Treats glaucoma.
  • Reduces watering of eyes due to stress.
  • Reduces formation of dark circles around the eyes.
  • Cools down the eyes and the head region.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Helps control stress and anxiety.
  • Prevent future eye-related issues.


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