Hair Fall

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Hair fall has been described in Ayurveda by the name of khalitya roga under the heading of kshudra roga minor disease or shiroroga. It is a progressing disorder found in people living sedentary lives with stress inducing hectic schedules along with indiscriminate dietary habits resulting in many a disturbance and deficiency in the body which directly reflect on hair, resulting in hair loss. Ayush Ayurveda Singapore can reduce & manage this rising problem of hair fall through modifying life style, purification therapies and medication as prescribed by the ancient texts of Ayurveda.

Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore suggests that healthy and vibrant hair helps a lot in the improvement of one’s personality. Therefore, to keep hair in healthy state is the entirely duty of the human being, because just like face, hair is also a mirror of healthy state of body.

Ayush Ayurveda Singapore uses Shirodhara to address hair related concerns, wherein warm oils or liquids formulated with soothing Ayurvedic herbal ingredients are poured on the patient’s forehead from an oscillating container hung above. While the medicated liquid or oil travels down from the forehead to your scalp, the masseur gives a gentle massage on your scalp. This has an immensely soothing and cleansing effect on your nervous system.

The warm medicated oils are gently poured on the area of action and massage is given by various kinds of hand movements to stimulate pressure points in that area. The head massage in Shiroabhyanga enhances the flow of oxygen and blood into your scalp, thus, ensuring nutrient supply to your follicles. A regular Shiroabhyanga promotes healthy nourishment to your hair.

Nasyamis also suggested by the experts at Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore. Here, oil is instilled through the nose as a daily practice to provide relief from various ailments. Ghee and Anu Tailam are dripped into the nose. There are also other Ayurvedic rituals for hair growth to help you sport an enviable crown.

Along with these treatments for hair growth, Ayush Ayurveda Singapore also looks into your diet and your food habits as major factors in determining the quality and quantity of your hair.
These observations are important as they help in understanding the scalp and the reason for hair fall better, preventing heating up of the scalp, help preventing greying and nourishes your sensory organs.

The plan is to always help your head remain cool, lend support to hair follicles and nourish nerve endings. The hormones released keep you happy. ShirodharaShirovasthi and Abhyangam are highly recommended by Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore as remedies for hair loss which restore blood circulation to your nerve ends resulting in better hair.

Ayush Ayurveda Singapore suggests Abhyangam for people with hair thinning & premature greying. In addition to a Pitta balancing hair care regimen, a regular abhyangam is extremely useful to help rein in aggravated Pitta dosha.

The abhyangam practice works in tandem with the hair care regimen to help control all the effects of Pitta aggravation (if detected early and followed through diligently). Special diet precautions must be taken fully on Abhyangam days and followed as far as possible on mini abhyanga days also.


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