Head Ache

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Headache is not an ailment by itself but a symptom of something else happening inside of your body. It could be signalling high blood pressure, insomnia, weak eyesight, sinusitis, hunger, Anemia, listening to loud music, studying in improper light, emotional strain, overwork, constipation, and flatulence.

Ayurveda terms headache as Shirahshool and a ayurvedic evaluation is warranted to pin point the underlying cause.


  1. Pain in the forehead and head region
  2. Pain in the back of the neck and shoulders
  3. Watering of the eyes
  4. Bleeding from the nose (in some cases)
  5. Giddiness depending on the body energy that is aggravated.

Ayurveda follows that headache is thus a result of two things:

  • a sensitive nervous system and,
  • impaired digestion.

In the modern world, headaches have become a common ailment but leaving it unattended can aggravate the underlying issues leading to complications.

Ayurveda for Headache

Ayurveda focusses on alleviating not just the headache but the larger, underlying issue. Herbal preparations are chosen based on the individual’s dosha. The prescribed therapy for headaches is Abhyangam which is an all-encompassing therapy to address the various symptoms discussed above.


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