Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is a very common and pervasive health complaint. There are three fundamental constituents of the individual body and the world around us — with each made up of a different combination of the five great elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Pitta dosha is made of fire and water, and Kapha dosha is made of earth and water. Vata dosha is made of ether and air, and this is the dosha most commonly involved with lower back pain.

Evaluation of personal lifestyle and fitness is crucial to managing lower back pains through guided medical practices at Ayush Ayurveda Singapore. Lower back pain is universally understood as a marker of an underlying disease and it is the most common symptom that makes a person to seek our physician’s advice and care.

Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore balances the Vata and Pita dosha and also rejuvenates and nourishes the body through therapies likes Navarakkizhi that stimulates the nervous system. Ayush Ayurveda Singapore helps reduces vata dosha, which works wonders in reducing pain, particularly lower back pain.

Abhyanga is a healing therapy that Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore recommends as a massage that can be performed on anyone using warm medicated oil for back/body pain and the need for relaxation. This is one of the key components of back pain treatment in Ayurveda. Ayush Ayurveda Singapore also uses other methods such as Kativasthi which is a popular Ayurvedic ritual in which heat is applied to lower back region using warm medicated oils. First, a dam is built up, using an herbal dough, over the affected area. Warm medicated oil is poured into this area and then left to rest there and it works like magic relieving pain and swelling in the affected area.

Ayush Ayurveda Singapore also recommends Vasti as another important process in Ayurveda and especially for rheumatic (vata) diseases. In Panchakarma, Vasti plays a key role and it ensures result and guaranteed relaxation to vata disorders. It has the power to remove toxins from human body.

Navarakkizhi ritual for back pain is one of Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore’s famous processes which involves the fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice. Navara is a rice variety known for its medicinal properties and it is cooked in milk, to form an herbal decoction using Kurumthotti. Navarakizhi provides nourishment and strength to body tissues including bones, muscles and soft tissues. It is also used for the purpose of rejuvenation of the body.

Ayush Ayurveda Singapore also uses Panchakarma that is a detailed, individualized detoxification therapy which includes a deep cleanse or rejuvenation after the process. Panchakarma alleviates many chronic conditions, improves immunity, rejuvenates the whole system and strengthens the skeletal and nervous system.

Ayurvedic Singapore also suggests correct sitting postures while reading, watching television and eating. Use back-friendly sofas and easy chairs at home. Maintain good posture etiquette while at work which starts with finding the right worktable and chair.


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