Frozen Shoulder

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According to Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore frozen shoulder is usually caused by traumas or periods of immobilization or even diseases like diabetes. For the affected, holding the shoulder in one position for long enough may actually lead to it getting stuck there. The shoulder is the only joint that always “freezes” in most of the scenarios. Even simple movements like raising the arm, putting your clothes on, combing hair, etc. become nearly impossible to perform. 

There is a tissue around shoulder joint called the Shoulder Capsule that holds it together. In the case of a frozen shoulder, the capsule becomes thick and tight which makes hard to move the shoulder. Ayush Ayurveda Singapore treats this adhesive capsulitis as a condition affecting connective tissue surrounding shoulder joint causing inflammation, stiffness, restricted movements and chronic pain. 

The Ayurvedic treatment provided here aims at treating stiffness and pain, and preserving shoulder joint movements. Pain relieving massages with medicated oils and herbal fomentation/heat therapy is helpful in reducing pain and stiffness. This is followed by herbal Ayush Ayurveda Singapore medication as well.

Ayush Ayurveda Singapore uses Podikizhi method of fomentation in which cotton poultices filled with a mixture of powdered herbs in hot medicated oil are used to rhythmically dab and massage the body. Podikizhi at Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore is an effective treatment for rheumatism, joint pain, slip disc, sciatica, frozen shoulder, back pain, spondylitis, muscular pains, inflammation, etc.

Navara is a type of rice and Kizhi means poultice. Navara rice is cooked in decoction of Bala, etc. and then tied into a kizhi which is made of kora cloth. The kizhi is dipped in herbal decoctions and is rhythmically dabbed all over the body. It is an immunity-enhancing treatment which we practice at Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore. It is highly effective in treating neurological problems, muscular wasting, and rheumatic disorders like joint and muscular pain.

This therapy eliminates muscle spasms, strengthens weak muscles and also alleviates burning sensation. At Ayush Ayurveda Singapore special therapies like AbhyangamNasyamElakizhiNavarakizhi are also implemented in treating frozen shoulder. 

Frozen shoulder treatment through a combination of our proprietary Ayurvedic formulations and traditional Ayurvedic combinations and the full range of Ayurvedic therapies are administered by our Ayush Ayurveda Singapore team of experienced ayurvedic physicians and trained therapists.

Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore’s treatments include internal and external therapies and medications in order to remove the offending toxin permanently from the body. In the Panchakama treatment, use of oil massage also called as Abhyangam, steam bath called Swedanam along with Nasyam and Navarakizhi (which is a unique Panchakarama treatment) are usually implemented. 

Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore’s experts advise a preventive approach to Frozen Shoulder as well. We have found that patients who follow our protocol are able to lead a much better quality of life. These therapies are highly targeted and work on eliminating all the toxins from the body, and treating stiffness and pain and ultimately preserving the joint structures naturally. Permanent relief from symptoms is the definitive cure for this disease.


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