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Air pollution is a major issue around the world. The quality of air that we breathe directly impacts lung health and the functioning of the respiratory system. The toxic gases in the air, combined with the smoke and particulate matter has worsened to a point that the very air we breathe has become our poison. Ayurveda provides a few practices which can help reverse the harmful effects of air pollution to a great extent and help people breathe easy.AIR POLLUTION

  • Nasyam is a simple yet effective ayurvedic treatment to deter the entry of harmful substances through inhalation. Simply put 2 drops of ghee or oil in your nostrils every morning and night. This acts as a barrier, preventing toxins from entering the respiratory system.
  • Oil pulling is another ayurvedic practice which can be done every morning for best results. Gargle with Sesame Oil / Coconut Oil for about 10 minutes, after your morning brushing routine. This purges the mouth of any particles which may be present due to mouth breathing. It also strengthens the mucous lining in the mouth, and prevents entry of toxic allergens.
  • Pranayama is the most important ayurvedic practice which can help prevent the harmful effects of air pollution. It strengthens the lungs and expands respiratory It also boosts immunity, thereby helping the body fight any harmful substances which may have entered the body. This can be done for a few minutes every day for the best results.
  • Another important ayurvedic detoxification practice you can include in your routine is Swedana. Swedhana is sweating it out with the help of herbal steam or warm compresses on oiled skin. It helps remove¬† the chemicals which may be accumulated in the body in the form of “ama”. Steaming the face with water containing a few drops of eucalyptus oil helps boost nasal barrier strength as well.
  • AYURVEDA AGAINST AIR POLLUTIONA simple ayurvedic practice which can help cleanse the body is washing the skin and hair with neem water. Neem is a powerful ayurvedic cleanser and can eliminate any residual pollutants.
  • Drink an ayurvedic concoction made by boiling tulsi leaves in water and adding ginger to it. Allow it to steep and drink this daily to give the body an immunity boost.
  • Triphala can be taken in powder form on the instruction of an ayurvedic doctor to defend the body against the effects of air pollution.
  • Make a tea with fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander powder and ginger. Drink this every day to drastically improve lung function and clear out the respiratory tract.

Air pollution is a global crisis that can be solved by conscious human action against it. So, take small steps against air pollution and practice Ayurvedic preventive measures to protect your body from the ill effects of the same.


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