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AYURVEDIC TEASAyurvedic teas are concoctions made using hot water and specific herbs and spices. These have been used for centuries as a way of incorporating healing herbs into routine diets. Ayurvedic tea can also help balance the doshas in the body. Based on the body type, the following herbs and spices can be used:

  • Vata tea – Fennel, clove, ginger, licorice.
  • Kapha tea – Ginger, glove, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper.
  • Pitta tea – Ginger, rose petals, cloves.

Drinking these teas can help the body in a number of ways.

  • They help improve digestion and keep the stomach functioning normally.
  • They help in reducing fat content in the body, when coupled with the right diet and lifestyle.
  • They improve skin texture and tone. This is particularly helpful with aging skin.
  • The teas boost overall body immunity and help prevent easy infection.
  • Ayurvedic teas help detox the body and remove any ama or toxins which can hinder the working of the liver and other organs in the body.
  • They provide mental clarity and help keep anxiety, stress and nervousness at bay.
  • Below is a list of ayurvedic tea recipes which can help improve health and wellbeing.



This tea is made by boiling water and adding ginger, turmeric and cinnamon to it. The boiling mixture is allowed to simmer. Lemon juice is added once the tea is taken off the heat and honey is added to taste.


Turmeric is great for detoxifying the body. It also promotes skin health. Drinking turmeric tea regularly can improve skin texture and prevent skin diseases.



Boil a pot of water. Add some tea leaves and fenugreek seeds to the boiling water. Allow them to steep and release flavour. Remove from the heat and add honey to taste.


Fenugreek seeds are loaded with antioxidants. They help soothe the stomach and balance kapha dosha. This tea improves digestion and acts as an anti-inflammatory.



This tea is made by boiling hot water and adding cumin, coriander, fennel and cilantro. Let the mixture simmer and strain for a cooling and refreshing tea.


Coriander has cooling properties and this tea can be used to balance pitta dosha. It eases digestion and improves metabolic activity in the body. This in turn helps with better energy production and overall fitness.



Herbal laxative tea is made by boiling hot water and adding coriander seeds and senna. Allow to simmer and drink when hot.


Like the name suggests, this tea is a great way to gently allow the stomach to purge itself. It relieves constipation and is considered a safe and effective herbal remedy. It can be used for all dosha types.



Boil water in a pot. Once boiling, add holy basil leaves. Remove from the heat and add some ginger and lemon to this mixture. Drink while hot.


Holy basil is great for colds and sore throats. Drink this hot tea throughout the day to prevent and cure the common cold. It also helps relieve symptoms of acidity and regulates digestive activity.

Incorporate these ayurvedic teas into your regimen for a healthy and well-functioning body.



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