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healthy ayurvedic dietA cold and congestion is very common, especially during the winter, or the monsoon season. In some instances, it is accompanied by a sore throat and sometimes, a low-grade fever. This is a constant bother, which affects almost everyone at some point during their lives. Though a cold is quite harmless and tends to pass by itself, it is a nuisance. Ayurveda prescribes certain approaches to treat it, in a quick and easy manner. This is extremely useful, since the common cold, though not life-threatening, can cause both children and adults alike to feel tired, lethargic, irritated and depleted of energy. 

  • Ayurveda has incorporated steam into numerous therapies with great effect. Doing a herbal steam, can help dilate the nasal passage ways making it easier to breathe. It also loosens the mucus in the airways, which can give an almost immediate relief to the affected. Inhalation of steam saturated with eucalyptus oil, can cure a stuffy nose in an instant.
  • Ensure your body is hydrated if you are suffering from a cold. Drink warm, soothing soups, herbal teas or just plain hot water for relief. Avoid caffeinated beverages as this can increase dryness and worsen the situation. At regular intervals, drink boiled water mixed with honey and lemon juice. Adding ginger powder to the water also has a good effect on the cold. 
  • A healthy ayurvedic diet comprises of several spices which must be consumed along with food. By incorporating spices such as pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves into food, it is possible to loosen phlegm as they all have a natural decongestant effect. Initially, they might cause your nose to run, but once the mucus has been purged out, you will feel relief. 
  • Garlic-ayurvedic dietGarlic is used regularly in Ayurveda for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It can be used to tackle a cold or runny nose. Make a hearty soup with lots of garlic. This can provide immediate relief. Ginger can also be used in the soup, as this also has powerful healing properties. 
  • Nasya therapy can help hasten healing from a cold. Warm a small amount of mustard oil and apply it to the inside of your nostrils. This allows the mucus to dissolve and relieves all congestion in the upper respiratory system and the head. 

By switching to an overall ayurvedic diet, it is possible to curb the negative effects of a cold and experience relief. Try the above tips and you will be cold-free in no time.




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