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BALANCE KAPHAWhen kapha dosha is unbalanced, it can impact the body in many ways. It affects the digestive system, and also causes other issues such as asthma and diabetes. Because of this, it is absolutely essential to keep kapha dosha balanced. Ayurveda recommends a few herbs and spices which can help balance the dosha in the body, and provides many other benefits as well.


Ginger has the ability to generate heat in the body. This makes it the best Ayurvedic herb to balance kapha dosha. Incorporate ginger into your diet simply by adding a spoon of ginger paste to all savoury food preparations. When the body is cold internally or externally, ginger provides near immediate relief. When drinking milk, a small amount of ginger can be mixed in which will help prevent kapha from increasing in the body.


Ashwagandha is another ayurvedic herb which is used extensively in a number of ayurvedic preparations. It is a highly potent herb which can help soothe and heal the body. During the cold season, Ashwagandha can help the body warm up by its nourishing, hearty nature. It also strengthens the body and boosts immunity. Drink a glass of warm milk with 1/4 tbsp of ashwagandha daily to keep kapha balanced.


Coriander is a tridoshic herb which has great dosha balancing properties. This is a light and soothing herb which can easily be added to your diet as a garnish for curries and other dishes. It has a mild taste and also helps stimulate appetite due to its fresh smell and taste. Regular consumption of coriander can help keep the body perfectly balanced all-year-round.


Turmeric is another important ayurvedic herb which has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In Ayurveda, it is used extensively to help detoxify the body.  It possesses the bitter, astringent and pungent tastes which helps balance kapha dosha. It also acts as a preventive mechanism against many diseases and ailments. Add turmeric to your diet with a glass of golden milk every day. This provides a whole host of goodness to the body while also helping reduce kapha and keep it in balance.


Ginseng is a powerful ayurvedic herb. It is used as a remedy for a number of issues. This heating herb acts as an energy stimulant in the mind and body. It helps pacify kapha, and tends to increase pitta as well. Ginseng can be consumed in the form of a tea. This improves overall health, and has been found to be helpful for issues related to the mind.


Pepper can be used to reduce kapha dosha in the body. This ayurvedic spice is vastly useful in helping the body lose fat and to remove phlegm from the lungs. It has a mildly heating nature and soothes kapha. Black pepper can easily be incorporated into all meals as it adds a nice flavour and smell. You can

also consume black pepper daily in the form of a tonic with honey. This mixture must be placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve slowly. It is extremely beneficial.

Always consult an ayurvedic doctor to identify your dosha type and to tailor a diet best suited to your body.



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