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During the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep the body functioning to fight any infection or disease. One such way is to practice an ayurvedic lifestyle to build immunity, improve health, and mental well-being. Ayush provides consultation with skilled ayurvedic practitioners who prescribe the best methods to practice Ayurveda at home for effective results. One such ayurvedic practice that can be done quickly and easily at home is Swedana.


According to the Ayurveda, Swedana is an ayurvedic therapy that means “sweating”. It is one of the practices of Panchakarma, or a whole body ayurvedic cleanse. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, having numerous pores in it. Lastly, these pores allow the skin to expel toxins. That’s how the pores on the skin help you detox in Swedana. Therefore, as an intensely detoxifying method, Swedana causes pores to open and release accumulated waste in the form of sweat.  

The balance of doshas is the underlying principle of Ayurveda. Due to which Swedana aids the body in achieving this balance, especially with Vata and Kapha dosha imbalance. At Ayush, Swedana is done in the form of a herbal steam bath. The patient’s body is encased in a wooden chamber which is surrounded with herbal steam, causing the body to sweat profusely and cleanse itself. However, during the ongoing lockdown, it is recommended to avail the benefits of Swedana at home.


Swedana is the process of allowing the body to sweat. Likewise, performing vigorous physical activities like yoga can all cause sweating which can help purge toxins from the body. Lastly, it leaves the body feeling refreshed and light. Yet another way to perform Swedana at home includes steaming using a facial steamer. Even using a towel over a pot of hot water or steaming in a hot shower is performing Swedana. Or else, add a few herbs to the water and allow the body to stay in steam for about 5-10 minutes. Therefore, perform this regularly to aid the body’s natural detoxifying ability

Before performing Swedana, ensure the eyes, region of the heart, and genitals are covered without direct exposure to steam. Lastly, it is also not advisable for pregnant women, or those who are ill to undergo this therapy.

Benefits of swethanaBENEFITS OF SWEDANA 

  • Swedana clears the airways, making breathing easy by breaking down any mucus or accumulation in the nose and lungs. 
  • It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and radiant, with a post-sweat glow.  
  • Then lessens the load on the digestive system, hence, eliminates a large number of toxins.
  • It also aids in relieving stress and anxiety because it allows the mind to relax and de-stress.

Stay at home during the times of coronavirus to practice simple Ayurveda to keep you and your loved ones safe.


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