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Ayurvedic therapies have been practiced for centuries and show clear results when followed regularly. All Ayush therapy centres offer Nasyam therapy in-house. However, during times of coronavirus and lockdowns, it might be a good idea to practise Nasyam regularly at home. This has numerous health benefits and is also a simple procedure that can calm and relax the mind, without taking too much of your time in your daily routine. 


Nasyam is an ancient ayurvedic therapy, which involves purging the waste which has accumulated in the parts of the body above the shoulders. It has a deep penetrative action, and must be performed exactly as indicated to experience the best results. Nasyam also helps balance the doshas in the body and promote cooling especially for vata prone individuals. It also aids in clearing the head, and during times



Nasyam can be done at home accompanied by a good full body oil massage or Abhyangam. Nasyam involves putting ghee, herbal or medicated oil inside the nostrils. Sesame oil may also be used. The steps are as follows :
  • Firstly, finish all your morning rituals such as brushing your teeth, emptying your bowels and gargling or oil pulling if you practice the same. 
  • Lie back and perform Abhyangam (if you choose to), by yourself, gently massagaing the body with oil. 
  • Put a pillow under your spine such that your head is tilted backwards with the nose facing upwards. 
  • Take some warm medicated oil and gently massage it around the sinuses and nose. This allows the cavities to loosen up, ready for the treatment. 
  • Take 2 drops of the warm medicated oil and allow it to drip down deep inside your nose, through both nostrils. 
  • Lay back for 2-5 minutes, allowing the oil to penetrate the head and remove all toxins. 
  • Sit up, and spit out all remnants of the oil and accompanying mucus or impurities which might drip down the throat. Do not swallow. 
  • This cleansing can continue to occur for about 30 minutes after the treatment. Continue spitting. 
  • If necessary, gargle with oil to remove any remaining toxins from the mouth.


Nasyam has numerous health benefits due to the fact that it removes toxins from the entire head.

  • Removal of mucus or phlegm from the sinus cavities 
  • Prevention of cold and other flu like symptoms 
  • Treats throat and relieves congestion in the nose 
  • Frees up the head, leaving it light and stress free 
  • Drains any blockages, promoting sound sleep and better breathing 
  • Calms the mind and cools the entire body
  • Promotes better functioning of the sensory organs 
  • Clears any vision problems and improves eye health 
  • Stops any sinusitis or cold related headaches 
  • Helps balance vata or heat in the body 
  • Lessens any pain due to jaw clenching.
Nashyam Benefits

With so many benefits, it is wise to practice Nasyam regularly at home to keep the body fit and healthy, and allow the immune system to function without compromise. Practice Nasyam every day for a few minutes and you are sure to notice a drastic change in your overall health and well-being. Since this treatment involves the head, it also deeply stimulates the brain, promoting better emotional and mental well-being, which in turn keeps the body light and better equipped to deal with any infection or disease. Ayush offers consultation over phone with skilled ayurvedic practitioners, who can give you the best advice on the types of Nasyam oil to use, and how often to practice the same as per your personal health condition. Ayush will also send you the Ayurvedic medicines you need to your doorstep.


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