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Ayurveda makes use of kashayas (liquid herbal concoctions) to manage and heal numerous ailments. It helps with both simple and complex diseases and can be made using prevalent ayurvedic herbs and spices.

What is kashaya?

SIMPLE AYURVEDIC KASHAYAKashaya is a drink made following the ayurvedic principles which have been around for centuries. It is usually consumed warm and is formulated based on the condition to be treated. The dosha type of the individual might also be taken into consideration while brewing kashaya for specific illnesses or individuals. Always consult an ayurvedic doctor when incorporating a potent kashaya into your diet.


Kashayas can be given for a variety of conditions. Here is an example of a simple one which can be used to tackle the common cold, cough and other mild symptoms of allergies. It has other benefits as well. This is easy to make and does not have any harmful side effects. However, it is extremely potent and effective. Kashayas are formulated by choosing ingredients which combat illness alone and together form a powerhouse of cure and, heal the body.



Coriander seeds are commonly used in Ayurveda. They are good for digestion and regulate the menstrual cycle for women. Coriander seeds also contain iron and vitamin C which makes it a great addition to regular diet as well.


Fennel seeds are great for cardiac health. They help maintain blood pressure and the high levels of potassium make them an ideal choice to protect the heart. Fennel seeds are also great for soothing the digestive system and stimulating agni. They can also help tackle tiredness.


Cumin seeds are excellent for detoxing the body. They are rich in vitamin E and keep skin moisturized and healthy. It also removes all accumulated toxins and ama in the body resulting in a lighter load on the liver and kidneys. Cumin can be used while cooking meals as well.


Black peppercorns have great antibacterial property. They also help flush out sinuses and prevent congestion in the respiratory system. Colds and coughs are easily tackled by black pepper. They help the body build a strong immune response against infections.


Simply dry roast the ingredients in a pan and keep stirring to ensure they do not burn. Do this on a low flame to ensure uniform heat distribution. The dry spices can then be pounded or blended to a powder and stored for usage as required.


Whenever required, boil some water and add a spoon or two of the kashaya powder. To add some sweetness, a few chunks of jaggery can be added. Honey can also be used. If you prefer a milky brew, a few splashes of milk can be added as well. Serve and drink while hot.


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