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Ayurveda is a holistic healing science which helps manage and heal illnesses. In addition to this, it also provides ways to lead a healthy life with dosha based diets, at-home ayurvedic practices and regular ayurvedic treatments. There are numerous ayurvedic formulations which can help treat ailments as well.

AYURVEDIC HERBS AND SPICES FOR ATHLETES Athletes push their bodies to increase performance and stamina. This leaves them prone to issues with muscles and bones. Ayurveda prescribes a few herbs which can be consumed regularly to relax tired and sore muscles, rejuvenate the body, strengthen cardiac health and more. All this improves body strength and the ability to perform better. It also helps with faster recovery and improved overall health. Below is a short list of ayurvedic herbs which can help in numerous ways.


Ashwagandha has many health benefits. The advantages of Ashwagandha consumption by athletes is multifold. Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it helps with post workout recovery and boosts stamina as well. There is also evidence that Ashwagandha when consumed regularly can improve cardiac health which in turn can result in improved athletic ability. Respiratory capacity is also increased and is a great boon to any athlete. It can be consumed in powdered form.


AYURVEDIC HERBS AND SPICES FOR ATHLETES Holy basil, better known as Tulsi, is known in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. It can help heal and treat a variety of diseases and manage their symptoms. Eating a few tulsi leaves everyday can boost the body’s immunity and reduce the risk of infections. This, alongside its ability to purge the body of all environmental, chemical toxins or ama, makes it the perfect detox for any athlete. Simply grow a tulsi plant at home and pick a few leaves each day. Tulsi tea is also another way to consume this power herb and avail the health benefits.


Brahmi is an ayurvedic herb which is best known for its brain stimulating properties. This herb can help improve hand-eye coordination, response time and more. In adequate quantities, as prescribed by an ayurvedic professional, it can also help boost stamina and improve the overall performance of an athlete. Athleticism is all about being nimble and quick. Brahmi can help without the harmful side effects of chemically formulated supplements. In addition to a healthy diet, this can help cope with athlete’s fatigue and more.


Turmeric is a powerful tool in the Ayurveda arsenal. It is rich in curcumin which has a number of benefits for the body and mind. Turmeric helps keep joints and muscles healthy and functioning smoothly. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a powerful antioxidant. All this helps relieve pain and increases the body’s ability to heal itself post-workout. Turmeric also boosts immunity and keeps the body fit and healthy. This is a huge advantage for athletes who are constantly pushing themselves and wearing themselves out as well. Turmeric can be consumed in the form of golden milk every morning for maximum benefits.

Athletes can consult with an ayurvedic doctor for the best ways to incorporate ayurvedic herbs and spices into their diet.



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