Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda

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Migraine Headache is a neurological condition that occurs due to abnormal brain activity affecting nerve signals, chemical composition and blood vessels in the brain. The pulsing pain generally occurs in the forehead, the side of the head, or around the eyes. The pain resulting from the headache increasingly gets worse.

Cluster headaches refer to headaches on one side of the head. It is known as Suryavartham according to Ayurveda. These consist of a series of short, but painful headaches, stretched over weeks or months together. Such headaches occur because of disruptions in the nervous system.

Apart from regular exercises and a proper diet, there are very effective Migraine Treatments in Ayurveda for dealing with migraine headaches. Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda include Nasyam, a nasal cleansing procedure which stimulates the nerves and brain functions.

Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda advocates for medicated oils to be applied on the surface where the pain stems from. Procedures such as Thalam are highly recommended for Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda. Here, medicated Ayurvedic oils are contained on the top of the head using a herbal dough well, and allowed to remain for a pre-decided duration of time. Shirovasti is another excellent therapy that calm severe headaches. This is a very old Ayurvedic procedure that has been used for calming headaches. This is a specifically designed procedure effective in curing a number of diseases related to the brain. Shirovasti targets issues like throbbing pain, depression and migraine.

Shirodhara is yet another excellent Ayurvedic course that is considered to be very effective in dealing with migraines. This Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda impacts the nervous system of a person’s body and helps one relax. As a part of this procedure, a continuous stream of warm oil is poured over the affected area, the head and the forehead. The pouring of the Ayurvedic headache medicine on the forehead creates a gentle pressure on it and takes the body into a relaxed state. The vibrations created from to the pouring process help the nervous system and mind be at mental rest and also help in calming the pain.


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