Scoliosis Treatment in Ayurveda

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Human spine gives axial support to the body. Whether it is about stranding erect or walking balanced, spine is the only support the body has in this respect. Some 33 bones make a column and the same vertebral column is what we know as the spine. When due to certain reasons, the spine bends to a side, medically we call this condition Scoliosis. So, in simple terms, a bend in the spine is Scoliosis. Scoliosis doesn’t hurt much. But it brings disability to the body in many other ways.

Scoliosis Treatment in Ayurveda concentrates on maintaining the normal curvature of the spine while correcting the lateral deviation of the spine. To make this correction, the holding muscles should be relaxed and then the deviation of the spine is rectified using bandages. After this, the muscles should be strengthened to hold the spine, special external procedures are required for this. Internally, herbal preparations and medicines are taken to get relief from pain and give muscular relaxation. Herbal massage is done externally.

Scoliosis Treatment in Ayurveda follows the Panchakarma procedures. What modern medicine has declared as “no known cause”, Ayurveda says it is all about the Vata dosha. When toxins, which are dry in nature accumulate in the muscles, it leads to the spasm of the muscles. With imbalance in the pressure/weight from both sides, this leads to the bend in the spine. Panchakarma helps in removal of the toxins and relaxes all the joints of the spine.

Abhyangam, also known as the special herbal massage, is one of the many Scoliosis Treatments in Ayurveda. This massage is also a preventive medicine. In short, it rejuvenates the body and maintains the physique.

In addition, Scoliosis Treatments in Ayurveda combined with yoga postures and awareness of breath, can recreate structural alignment and more symmetry in the body. By stretching the muscles that have tightened and, strengthening the muscles that have become weak from the asymmetrical imbalance of scoliosis, realignment of the body is accomplished.


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