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Memory issues have become commonplace. The fast-paced nature of life has resulted in draining-out, stress and anxiety which results in issues with cognition. Memory loss or poor memory are a result of various factors. This includes both internal and external factors. Ayurveda provides ways to keep memory sharp and improve overall cognition as well. This is by the use of a class of herbs called adaptogens. These provide a significant boost in mental activity and improve quality of life to a great extent. Below is a list of ways in which Ayurveda can be implemented to never forget another errand again.

  • Almonds are a superfood to tackle memory issues. Simply soak them overnight in water, pureè them and mix with milk for a tasty and powerful morning drink. This promotes better memory and improved recognition.

  • Almond oil can also be used for better brain function. Apply some almond oil inside your nostrils before bed each night. This helps reduce stress and promotes sound sleep.

  • Black sesame is a powerful ayurvedic spice to tackle memory problems. Add it to food preparations to enhance the taste while also helping improve concentration and memory as well.

  • Amla is known for its potent antioxidant properties. This ayurvedic herb strengthens the nervous system and prevents degenerative mental diseases and promotes better brain activity. When consumed regularly, memory loss is sure to be a thing of the past.

  • Cinnamon is a great spice to revitalize mental wellbeing. A happy mind is a healthy mind. Cinnamon promotes feelings of positivity and better cognition. Use this in food to improve memory and better retention.

  • A simple 10-minute meditation can be done every morning. This helps the body and mind rejuvenate and relax, opening up nerve channels and improving mental health. Practice regularly for peace of mind and clarity.

  • Proper flow of prana in the body largely regulates the functioning of all organs. The best way to ensure this is by ensuring all toxins or ama are removed from the body. This can be done by doing a simple cleanse or a full body panchakarma Eliminating all waste, lightens and promotes well-being to the body, mind and soul.
  • Brahmi, shankhapushpi and bhringraj can be used to brew a memory boosting power tea. Drink this herbal concoction regularly for best results.

  • Regular exercise such as a brisk walk daily works wonders in regulating the systems in the body. By doing this daily, the brain functions better and memory improves as well.

  • Abhyangam can also be done on a regular basis to ensure flow of prana in the body.

Always consult an ayurvedic doctor for the best ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your lif


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