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Ayurveda is an ancient science which prescribes numerous ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes ayurvedic practices which can be followed at home, ayurvedic home remedies for common ailments and most importantly, ayurvedic diet. The reason the diet is given utmost importance by Ayurveda is due to the fact that gut health is the core of total well-being according to the science. By balancing gut flora, and maintaining good digestive habits, it is possible for the body to remain healthy and free of disease. Diet governs the elimination of toxins from the body, the flow of prana on the body and so much more. For all these reasons, it is important to maintain a good diet which is rich in all the essential nutrients for the body. Below is a guideline to pantry essentials for an ayurvedic diet.


Always keep your fridge well-stocked with fruits and vegetables. These are rich sources of all required vitamins, minerals and more. Choose organic, farm fresh veggies which still have the authentic raw flavour and appearance. Do not go for GMO fruits or those which have been coated in pesticides as they can harm the body. Ayurveda recommends a good diet of vegetables on a daily basis. Fruits must be consumed in moderation and in accordance with dosha and taste principles.



Herbs and spices are the cornerstone of ayurvedic cooking. They are absolutely essential and serve a variety of purposes. When used correctly they keep the body functioning in good form without any problems. They can also be used to make ayurvedic Kashayam, herbal teas and ayurvedic home remedies for various issues. Below are a few important ones to keep in your kitchen cabinet at all times.

Turmeric- This is a definite yes in every pantry. An antioxidant which is great for skin conditions, digestion and more.

Ginger – This is another important spice which has a number of health benefits. It helps with congestion and digestion. Ginger can be made into tea as well.

Black pepper – This is a staple spice which is added to any dish. Ayurveda recognizes the potency of pepper. It can cure colds, help with mucous irritation, and more. Use as liberally as you prefer for best results.

There are numerous herbs and spices which must be in your pantry for good ayurvedic health practices.


Rather than buy iodized powdered salt, go for rock salt. This is far better for the body and preferred in ayurvedic cooking. Similarly, ditch the refined sugar for raw honey. Pure honey is a great sweetener which has a variety of ayurvedic health benefits as well. It can be used in home remedies, poultices and more.

Always consult an ayurvedic doctor for the best remedies for your body type.


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