Making Ayurveda a part of our lives

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Ayurveda is a lifestyle system of medicine and well-being that can be part of our daily routine. The habits we follow – of waking up early before sunrise or practicing yoga/meditation in the morning to attain calmness are all ancient teachings of Ayurveda. Little do we know that such practices belong to the 5000-year-old teachings of Ayurveda. A knowledge passed down from generation to generation, Ayurveda encourages us to adopt natural methods of healing and attaining well-being through Ayurveda as they are aware that such ayurvedic practices help the body and mind to recover from any disease. Now, Ayurveda has developed in a meaningful and innovative way. When you type ‘Ayurveda meaning’ in to your search engine, the search results you get range anywhere from its meaning, setting up a Ayurveda daily ritual or dinacharya, understanding the ancestral practices of waking up early or doing yoga or meditation, treatments, Ayurveda doctors and so on. Now we have authentic ayurvedic treatment centers everywhere that practice Ayurveda as a holistic treatment ranging from unique oil-based therapies and massages right up to Ayurvedic medicine that you intake based on doctor’s advice.

Ayurvedic therapy is based on the healing and cleansing process of ‘Panchakarma’ which helps detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and, promote harmony and well-being. Based on warm oil massages, herbal steam baths, nasal treatments, lymphatic massages, and other treatments tailored to one’s individual needs, ayurvedic therapy is sure to cure and resolve the imbalanced doshas which are depressing the perfect functioning of the body. Ayurveda is an example of a well-organized system of traditional healthcare that is both preventive and curative. The practice of Ayurveda is an effective method of learning how to listen to your body and build a routine that your body feels supported by. It’s important to take a healthy approach in our daily lives through the practise of Ayurveda and it can be done by,

  • Practicing meditation and pranayama, mostly breathing exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes in a day will help restore the body’s inner balance and vitality. 
  • Tongue scraping is an oral hygiene practice that helps remove toxins from the tongue since our taste buds easily get accumulated with bacteria and plague. It also helps stimulate digestion in the body.
  • Oil pulling – as it helps in treating diseases ranging from gut disorders to heart diseases. All you need to do is take 1 or 2 tbsps of Sesame/Coconut Oil in your mouth and vigorously swish it around like you do with mouthwash. Swish the oil in mouth for 10 to 15 minutes, spit the oil out. 
  • Ayurveda recommends eating the largest meal during lunchtime, preferably from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM for the body to function effectively all throughout the day.
  • Abhyanga, the whole-body massage which brings about amazing health benefits can be done at home too. Abhyanga helps in muscle toning, removal of toxins, stress reduction, etc. For a highly effective and thorough massage of the body, consult with Ayush that has well-trained therapists who perform Ayurveda massage, Singapore according to one’s needs and ailment.
  • Swedana is a sweating process where the body pores are exposed to heat which allows the body to get rid of the impurities through sweat glands. Once the lockdown ends, contact Ayush to indulge in Swedana which is an ayurvedic massage followed by a detoxifying steam bath. 
  • Drinking a lot of warm water and ginger tea several times a day is an /ayurvedic way to aid digestion, improve bowel movements, and keep the body re-vitalized throughout the day.

One can adopt such ayurvedic practices easily and effectively. Such practices will keep the body fit and enhance the well-being of the person. Even though the entire nation is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, you can consult with the Chief Ayurveda Physician of Ayush over phone who will help you realize your Ayurveda wellness goals and help you stay clear of all diseases.

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