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Ayurveda has been around for centuries and with good reason. The principles which Ayurveda is based on, are being proved to be right more and more through science. The framework on which Ayurveda is based is holistic,  spiritual and wholly based on individual health. Mental and physical health are considered to be correlated and the various practices prescribed in Ayurveda work to ensure balance. ‘Balance’ is the keyword to live life by, and the drastic difference it can make has been experienced by millions around the world. Below are a few of the more life-changing aspects of Ayurveda which you can try to implement in your life.


This is one aspect which Ayurveda expounds which should be fairly obvious, but is not accepted in mainstream health and nutrition. There are numerous diets and fads doing the rounds, each of which claim to perform miracles in weight loss, better digestion and more. However, while they work for some, they don’t always work for others. The reason for this is varying body types. Ayurveda classifies this according to doshas. Vata, kapha and pitta are the 3 different dosha types and people have varying types. They can also be tridoshic or show characteristics of 2 of the doshas. Based on this, their body function and reaction varies. For this reason, Ayurveda recommends specific herbs and spices as well staples to incorporate based on dosha type.


While modern detoxification trends are popular, none of them truly help the body purge itself of toxins or ‘ama’ as they are called in Ayurveda. Ama can be removed by a number of ayurvedic practices which include panchakarma, a regular full body detox. This can be done under the guidance of a skilled ayurvedic doctor for the best results. A couple of daily practices which can help reduce ama in the body include tongue scraping, Abhyangam or full body massage and herbal steam bath. By doing this, the load on the liver and kidneys is reduced drastically, improving health and quality of life.


While most people are conscious of what they eat and know to stay away from junk and processed foods, Ayurveda dives even deeper. The process of eating itself requires insight in order to avail the full benefits of the food we eat. This includes healthy habits such as eating at the right time, eating with full attention rather than being distracted by gadgets and so on. It also helps to drink warm water rather than cold drinks or juices with meals. Posture is important as well as Ayurveda recommends eating while sitting cross legged. It also recommends using hands over cutlery for a variety of reasons.


Try to follow the above 3 principles to experience a positive change in health and wellbeing.


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