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Summer can mean a lot of things. But one aspect which almost all of us experience is a rise in body heat. This can lead to a variety of conditions such as improper digestion, acne, excessive urination and more. So, it is absolutely essential to take necessary steps to curtail the harmful effects of body heat. Ayurveda provides numerous tips which can be implemented in daily life to reduce the chances of the body heating up. This will result in a healthy body and a calm mind as well.

  • HOW TO KEEP THE BODY COOL WITH AYURVEDA Avoid heat inducing spices. Chilli, garlic, ginger and black pepper can be avoided. Instead, replace them with cooling herbs such as coriander, cilantro, holy basil, fenugreek and more.
  • Spicy and sour foods must be avoided as well. Simple and easy to digest meals cooked with rice, wheat, vegetables are the best for reducing body heat. Cooking in coconut oil is a great solution as well. Coconut milk can also be used to add some richness while reducing heat.
  • During the hot weather, most people automatically reach for cold drinks. Whether soda, fruit juices, yoghurt-based drinks or shakes, it is best to avoid them all. They may feel good temporarily, however, they can massively disrupt the digestive process. They douse the digestive fire and reduce the rate of digestion. Warm and room temperature liquids are always preferred according to Ayurveda.
  • Fermented foods such as pickles, cheese, yoghurt, soy products and bread must be avoided. These can trigger heat within the body and must be replaced by other alternatives.
  • While summer may seem like the best time to bask in the sun, Ayurveda suggests all physical activity to be done only early in the morning or late evening after sunset. This allows the body to retain body temperature and reduces internal overheating.
  • Use coconut oil to massage your body for a few minutes every day before a shower. This helps bring down body temperature and is extremely relaxing as well. Abhyangam can also be done at a professional ayurvedic centre to avail the best benefits.
  • Try a drink such as peppermint infused lassi for a natural body coolant. Herbal teas can also help the body regulate temperature.

Follow the above steps for a chill summer with a healthy body and mind.



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