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Kashayam is an ancient ayurvedic medicine / herbal concoction which is highly potent and extremely effective in healing the body. They are several types of kashayam for different needs and ailments. They are usually consumed to boost immunity, improve digestion, benefit body functioning or treat numerous ailments. Depending on the purpose for consumption, an ayurvedic doctor will recommend the ideal Kashayam for you.

Kashayam Kashayam is nothing but a highly concentrated solution which is made by steeping a single herb or a combination of herbs in water. This can be done in simple ways at home. The most important element to making any Kashayam is the herb itself. It is always more effective to make Kashayam using coarse ground herb. This allows for more intense flavour, and of course better extraction of the active ingredients contained in the herb(s).

The Kashayam may also be made by adding the herb’s dry coarse powder in water, and is allowed to sit overnight. In the case of Brahmi and shatavari, this step is avoided. This allows the goodness from the herb to dissolve into the water. Following this, the mixture is brought to a boil. It is then kept over a constant heat to allow evaporation. The mixture is heated until the water has reduced to 1/8th of initial volume. This gives a thick and dense Kashayam which is extremely healthy and filled with nutrients, minerals and active ingredients which are all helpful for the human body.

Kashayam can be had daily in prescribed quantities. It can also be consumed with other carriers such as honey or ghee for better absorption and to tackle a multitude of illnesses. Honey also helps improve the taste making it easier to take each day. However, Kashayam must always be taken at the right time so that it does not cause any harmful effects. Depending on the body dosha type and the type of ailment, this could be before or after food or even after complete digestion of food. Apart from oral consumption, Kashayam can be used in a number of other ways as well:Kashayam

  • Triphala Kashayam can be used as an eye wash.
  • Panchavalkala Kashayam can be used to treat wounds.
  • Ginger Kashayam is great for gargling and ridding sore throats and colds.
  • Kashayam is also the base for many ayurvedic formulations, medicines, ayurvedic syrups and jams as well.

Kashayam is a great remedy and has visible health benefits. This is because, being water based, it is easily and quickly absorbed by the body providing immediate therapeutic effects. Depending on body type and nature of ailment, the appropriate Kashayam can be made using the right combination of herbs. This provides long-term health benefits. Always consult an ayurvedic doctor to know the best ways to incorporate Kashayams into your life.


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