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ayurvedic ingredientAyurveda treats the body and mind as a whole. This ensures that all problems are dealt with at the root. Just like with any other ailment, hair issues such as hairfall, greying, thinning, baldness and dandruff can all be caused due to a variety of reasons. This can range from poor diet to improper sleep schedule. Changing the various causes is absolutely important, however, Ayurveda also provides a few natural ways to keep hair thick and strong.


Amla is an amazing ayurvedic ingredient which is used for a number of remedies. It is the most important ingredient in the ayurvedic medicine, Triphala. Amla works wonders for hair due to the fatty acids it contains. This increases volume and ensures you have thick and shiny hair. In addition to this, Amla stimulates the hair follicles as well due to iron and carotene present. Amla can be dried, ground into a powder and made into a paste which is then applied onto the hair. Alternatively, it can be mixed with other herbs as well for boosted benefits. Amla can also be consumed, raw or as a juice, to cool the body and reduce hairfall.

Coconut oil BHRINGRAJ

Bhringraj oil has been used as a hair tonic for centuries according to Ayurveda. The oil is rich in vitamin E which helps reduce thinning and greying of the hair. Regular application of Bhringraj oil has also shown to reduce hairfall to a great extent and promote hair growth. Bhringraj also has anti-inflammatory properties which causes reduction in itching or dandruff in the scalp. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties add to the benefits of regular administration of Bhringraj oil. It can be applied warm on the scalp and allowed to sit for about an hour before washing off.


Coconut oil is another staple in Ayurvedic haircare. It is rich in fatty acid called lauric acid. This allows it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss in the hair. Hair damage due to UV rays and abrasion are all reduced by regular application of coconut oil. Thick, long and healthy hair can easily be attained by incorporating a regimen of applying coconut oil to the hair and massaging it. This can be done every time you wash your hair for the best benefits. Always warm the oil before using for deeper penetration and better results. Coconut oil can also be added to food while cooking to improve digestion and cool the body, which in turn reduces hair loss.


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