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Kativasti is a special type of lower back therapy or lumbar therapy. The word “Kati” stands for low back or waist and “Vasti”, for containing or retaining something inside. Kativasti Ayurveda Treatment is a therapy that targets the lumbo-sacral region using hot oil-herbal decoctions. One can achieve both local oleation and sudation by this procedure.

This prolonged oil treatment is carried over a duration of 2 to 3 weeks, reducing nerve compression of the affected areas and relieving the pain of degenerative diseases.

Kativasti Ayurveda treatment  is a simple and unique therapy which involves retaining warm Ayuvedic oil over the affected area maintained or made to stand stably inside a well made of herbs and dough paste, followed by a gentle massage. The Kativasti Ayurveda treatment is a combination of Ayurvedic oils and the herbs chosen depending on the bodily constitution, Doshas and the health disorder of the person.

The healing properties of herbal oils used for this therapy deeply cleanse and enrich the blood, build and maintain strong muscle and connective tissues and, lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and pain free.

Our highly skilled professional Ayurveda doctors from Ayush’s branches are highly specialized to diagnose lower back pain problems and deliver the therapies to patients after thorough investigation and careful management to alleviate the pain.


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