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Thalapothichil is an Ayurvedic treatment known for its healing properties for neck and head related ailments and pains. Thalapothichil is a Malayalam word, where Thala means head and Pothichil means covering. Thalapothichil Ayurvedic Treatment is a procedure of application of medicated paste on the head. It falls in the category of cooling treatments.

The treatment is very useful in the correction of Pitta dosha. It stabilizes the nervous system and has a soothing effect on the mind and body. It improves the quality of sleep and provides relief from heaviness of the head.

Ayurveda offers solutions in the form of Thalapothichil Ayurvedic Treatment to help the body dispose of natural toxins, or ama, before they have a chance to take hold and cause a disorder in the body. As with any imbalance, Ayurvedic treatment involves first removing the cause and then applying the therapeutic remedies necessary to bring the body back into balance.

Thalapothichil Ayurvedic Treatment is also one of the most recommended and highly effective treatments for alopecia and hairfall. Thalapothichil Ayurvedic Treatment is also the recommended treatment for insomnia, burning sensation in the eyes, dandruff and has also been proven to be highly effective in psoriasis management.

Thalapothichil is a therapeutic procedure, hence the frequency of the therapy depends upon the patient’s condition. We suggest that you consult with our expert Ayurveda doctors, who can guide you appropriately through the entire diagnosis and treatment process. 

Our aim is to ensure that our clients not only find cures and comfort in our services but also understand why and how the medicines work on their body.


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