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Joint pain caused due to arthritis, injury, or exertion is an extremely painful condition. It can hinder regular functioning and affect mental health as well. When joint pain turns chronic, it can disrupt normal life entirely. However, Ayurveda offers solutions to help manage the pain and alleviate the inflammation. By regularly consuming certain ayurvedic herbs, the joints stay healthy and regain pain-free range of motion. Below is a list comprising herbs which can drastically improve joint function and soothe pain.


Garlic is an all-round miracle spice in Ayurveda. It helps treat a variety of ailments. Garlic is extremely beneficial in boosting gut health to a great extent. This is important because, according to Ayurveda, accumulation of ama can result in creaky joints and recurrent joint pain. In addition to this, garlic contains Selenium and Sulphur. Both of these are great at arresting pain and soothing internal inflammation. Regular consumption of garlic, either raw or cooked, is a great way to heal joint pain in a holistic manner. In some conditions, an ayurvedic doctor might also prescribe garlic supplements to boost the body’s response and promote faster healing.


Fenugreek seeds have great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They provide immense relief from arthritis related joint pain and soothe the joints. Fenugreek seeds, like garlic, also help with better digestion. This indirectly helps reduce joint related pain and inflammation. Fenugreek seeds can be soaked in water and consumed every morning. They can also be dried and powdered to use as a spice while cooking. They can also be brewed into a tea with ginger and lemon for a daily drink that not only helps manage joint pain but also tastes good.


Turmeric is a golden spice with golden benefits in Ayurveda. From calming the skin, to improving digestion and also healing joint pains, it is a miracle in ayurvedic remedies. Turmeric is a golden root which has anti-inflammatory properties. It is packed with curcumin which has been proven to boost immunity and is sold as a supplement as well. Turmeric consumption also results in reduction of swollen joints. The absorption of curcumin is improved when consumed with black pepper. Try adding turmeric to your diet in the form of golden milk, for a soothing nightly drink that improves quality of sleep as well.

In addition to the above mentioned spices, it is important to make a change in lifestyle as well. An active lifestyle with yoga and regular physical exercise, frequent ayurvedic treatments if necessary and a diet according to body type and ailment to be treated, can all make a massive difference. Consult an ayurvedic doctor to know the best way to incorporate the healing spices into your diet.



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