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digestive health.Ayurveda incorporates a lot of herbs, spices and unique formulations such as Triphala, Chyawanprash and more into regular diet for a healthy and active life. While these are extremely potent and show drastic change in overall bodily functioning, there is one simple habit which can also boost digestive health. Drinking hot water, is a powerful way to purge the digestive system of any impurities.

An ayurvedic diet always includes plenty of well-cooked meals which are eaten warm. The reason for this is that the stomach can easily digest food when it has been cooked down. Raw, cold foods are harder to digest, and can slow down metabolism as well. Similarly, drinking hot water acts as a way to detoxify the body by removing all excess “ama”. When food is cooked, it is broken down to a simpler, easily eatable form. When you drink warm or hot water, any  food which has been left undigested in the digestive tract in the form of “ama”, is further broken down, and passes through the system.

Drinking hot water does not necessarily mean drinking a glass every day and calling it quits. Ayurveda prescribes developing a diligent practice of sipping hot water throughout the day. This is because, while the quantity of water is definitely a concern, the most important aspect is frequency. Sipping hot water once every 30 minutes is highly recommended and comes with great improvement in gastrointestinal health. This might seem daunting at first, and cause excessive frequent urination. However, once your body adjusts to the habit, you will see better bowel movements, lesser flatulence, less frequent stomach upsets and better overall physical well-being.

Ayurvedic regimen When drinking hot water, ensure it is boiled to get rid of any impurities. Always have a flask of water in hand, or a kettle running nearby in order to have a constant source of hot water. It is also advisable to avoid cold drinks altogether. While an ice-cold milkshake might sound perfect, cold drinks have the tendency to make the stomach sluggish and slow down digestion. Caffeinated beverages can also be avoided to see the full effects of hot water cleansing.

One way to make your drink of hot water interesting is to add something to it. Hot water infused with lemon and a bit of honey is a great ayurvedic medicine to treat colds and sore throats. You can also add some ginger to hot water for relief from cramps or heartburn. Adding some holy basil or tulsi to your water can give you the benefits of the miraculous herb as well.By making a simple change to your hydration habits and drinking just hot water throughout the day, the body is purged of all toxins, and unnecessary fats as well. This leaves the body refreshed and active. Consult with an ayurvedic practitioner to find the best Ayurvedic regimen for your body type according to your dosha to experience the full benefits of this way of life.




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