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Netra tharpanam is an ayurvedic therapy which improves eye health and vision. Ayush ayurvedic centre offers this therapy, performed by highly skilled therapists, overseen by Ayurvedic doctors. In today’s world, almost everyone is glued to their electronic screens. This has caused an increase in the prevalence of eye-related disorders. Netra tharpanam helps ease the symptoms of eye conditions and prevent future occurrences of issues.

This treatment is an in-house treatment and shows best results when done at the clinic. For this reason, if you are experiencing any soreness, itchiness or redness of the eye, look for “ayurvedic clinic near me” online to find your way to the closest centre of Ayush, Singapore

Netra tharpanam involves pouring warm, medicated ghee within an enclosure over the eyes. Triphalai Gritham, Jeevanthyadi Gritham and Patoladi Gritham  are most common medicated ghees are used in this therapy. This therapy clears the eyes of any impurities and microbes which might be causing infections. It also flushes all toxins and pollutants. The oil has a cooling effect on the eyes helping to improve vision. Netra tharpanam can be done regularly to maintain eye health and boost vision. 

Ayush ayurvedic centre offers the best possible care with highly skilled practitioners on board who prescribe the best routine to maintain healthy eyesight. In addition to Netra tharpanam, there are also other measures such as including various herbs and spices to your regular diet, which also show great relief from eye conditions. A regular sleep schedule, and cutting down on screen time may also be recommended. To get the best Ayurvedic regimen for your eye related issues, Google “ayurvedic clinic near me” to find an Ayush centre closest to you and visit today to get the best Ayurvedic treatment.


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