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Abhyangam is an ayurvedic massage done with herbal oils which has innumerable health benefits. It is typically done in the morning and can be done every day to see an improvement in overall health and wellbeing. You can do Abhyangam at home as a part of your Dinacharya. Typically sesame oil is used, however, you can use specially prescribed ayurvedic herbal oils as well. 

Abhyangam promotes better skin health and overall wellness. It stimulates the skin and the nerve endings. This awakens the body and mind. Start by doing a deep, slow, ayurvedic massage of your head. Gently massage your scalp and temples. Follow this by massaging your neck. Abhyangam must not be done in the chest area. However, you can spend some time massaging your navel. 

Work your way downwards and gently massage your arms and legs. Spend some time massaging your feet. This is because the feet have numerous nerve endings which make them extremely receptive to Abhyangam

It is beneficial to perform an ayurvedic therapy such as Abhyangam on a regular basis. It helps cool down the body, improves skin texture, strengthens muscle tone and more. 

Ayush offers Abhyangam ayurvedic therapy in the clinic. Consult with the in-house ayurvedic doctors who will prescribe the perfect ayurvedic treatment plan for you. Ayurvedic massage is the best solution to keep your body fit and boost immunity as well. Avail all these benefits and more only at Ayush ayurvedic clinic.




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