Healthy Hair And Happy Mind

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Day to day life can be stressful. Work stress, pollution mess, can all take a huge toll not only on mental peace of mind but also the health of your lovely locks. Ayurveda provides natural solutions to protect your mane all while keeping you calm and sane in the fast-paced, chaotic life of today.


Most of us use sunscreen for our skin, but do you know that hair health is compromised by the sun as well? 

In addition to the sun’s harsh rays, smoke, dust, and excessive pollution can also have a damaging effect on the texture, shine and growth of hair. Washing hair with hard water also causes hair fall and accumulation of build-up, which can lead to dandruff and more such complications.


Our busy lives don’t give us the time to regularly oil hair, in order to replenish the natural oils that have been stripped due to excessive use of shampoos and other hair product.Hair is subjected to tremendous pressure as a result of fashion preferences as well. Coloring, straightening, blow drying, are all responsible for limp, dry and lifeless hair. With hair being subjected to so many negative aspects, it’s important to invest in ayurvedic therapies which can restore the natural vibrance of your tresses.Another major problem facing the youth as well as the middle-aged people is stress. Deadlines, responsibilities and lack of sleep can all lead to extreme mental turmoil and keep individuals high-strung and wrung out.This can cause several side effects such as headaches, loss of appetite, lethargy and more. In Ayurveda, the head is considered the roof of the human body, therefore for total body wellness, it is vital to keep the head and mind calm and at peace. Battling the anxiety and worries caused by stress can be an uphill process, however, Ayurveda can make life simpler with therapies tailored to treat specific issues.


Thalapothichil is an intensely cooling ayurvedic therapy; ‘thala’ means head and ‘pothichil’ means covering. In this, the entire scalp is covered with a specially prepared herbal paste. This is allowed to sit for about 45 mins and wiped clean. A deep head massage is done to allow the herbs to penetrate into the head. The treatment helps to balance pitta dosha and must be done at the prescribed intervals to see the best results.


Thalapothichil targets all hair related issues and treats them effectively, producing almost immediate results. Damaged hair sees huge benefits as the herbal paste percolates the strands, rejuvenating the hair. Immediate changes which can be seen include, improved texture, enhanced shine, and a fuller feel. The scalp also sees numerous positive changes. Dryness is immediately relieved, dandruff is reduced, and as a result of these, over a period of time, Thalapothichil hastens hair growth and causes drastic reduction in hair fall as well. With such a wide spectrum of hair benefits, Thalapothichil therapy is the best solution to solving all hair woes with the most careful and natural methods.



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