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Hot and humid days can cause extreme sluggishness, exhaustion and a lack of motivation to do anything. This is due to the increase of pitta dosha in the body which can stimulate excessive sweating, discomfort and keep the body in a state of heavy tiredness. Ayurveda provides many a solution to combat exhaustion due to heat with a number of cooling water recipes. While it might be tempting to grab a can of soft drink or soda, or even some sugary fruit juice, these only lead to a prolonging of the feelings of malaise since they are not good for the body. The ayurvedic recipes, instead of loading up the body on temporary energy giving sugars, focuses on reducing pitta in the body and rejuvenating the mind as well. This helps provide long term relief rather than just a temporary rush. Another benefit of these ayurvedic water recipes is that they are predominantly water. This means you can sip them throughout the day to avail the benefits of the goodness packed into them. This ensures you meet your hydration needs as well. The body benefits in every way and the mind flourishes as a result. Below are a few recipes to try and keep on hand to tackle periods of endless heat and humidity.


  • Slice the cucumber into 1/4th inch slices.
  • Juice the inner fleshy goodness of the aloe vera leaf for about 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice.
  • Chop up a lime and squeeze the juice. Keep the rinds as well.
  • Set aside a bunch of peppermint leaves for a herbal boost.
  • Add all the ingredients into 2 liters of water and allow to infuse.
  • You can strain the solids out after sufficient taste has been reached or leave them in as well for enhanced flavour and taste throughout the day.
  • ip the water and enjoy long lasting hydration, energy and cooling!


  • Chop up a small watermelon into tiny pieces. Remove the rind entirely.
  • Chop up a lime and set aside the rind as well.
  • Set aside a bunch of cilantro for the fresh herbal benefit.
  • Add all the ingredients to 2 litres of water and allow to infuse.
  • Leave the solids on until desired taste has been achieved.
  • Leave for longer for better infusion and improved flavour.
  • Enjoy throughout the day for cooling and tasty water that’ll keep you refreshed and hydrated at the same time!


  • Chop up an apple into small pieces and set aside.
  • Take a small piece of ginger, peel and slice thinly.
  • Set aside a bunch of tulsi leaves.
  • Add all the ingredients into 2 litres of water and allow to infuse.
  • You can remove the solids after about 6 hours to retain the mild flavour.
  • If you prefer a stronger taste, allow the ingredients to remain, infusing more and more flavour into the cooling water.
  • Drink this throughout the day for tasty and healthy water that provides cooling and hydration.

You can try your own ayurvedic cooling water recipes by choosing your own combination of cooling spices and herbs and a small amount of fruit of your choice. Lemon can add the extra element of flavour to the water while also adding health benefits.


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