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The year has been challenging for many, and some of you would have drowned your sorrows with partying and food during the holidays. Now that the holidays are getting over, you realize it’s time to detox and undo some of the damage you have done to your body. But there’s no need for guilt, or crash diets; you can get the same results by just slowing down things and tweaking your diet. Ayurveda defines the undigested toxins in the stomach as Aaama, and suggests plenty of natural methods to detox. Here are some of the ways to ease your body into the old without having to starve yourself.

Drink lemon water

The easiest way to cleanse your stomach and guts is drinking lemon water every morning. This is a great way to begin the detox process in the healthiest manner possible. Add a pinch of ginger, and you have the perfect Ayurvedic detox drink. Not only will it reduce appetite, but it can also help digestion and act as Vitamin C shots. Prepare a few cups and keep sipping them throughout the day, and you will see nausea and bloating disappear gradually.

Go vegetarian for a week

Caffeine, meat, and alcohol are the biggest culprits when it comes to loading the calories, and your body would have been working on overdrive, digesting all of them. The ideal way to give the system a break is to have only easily digestible foods, ideally a vegan diet. If not, go vegetarian for a week, and the stomach will get a breather. All the greens will also give a much-needed boost of anti-oxidants to your body and rejuvenate not just the skin but your energy levels as well.

Mindful eating

In Ayurveda, mindful eating is always mandated. More often than not, it’s the quantity and not the quality that poses a problem for your stomach. For a week or two, be considerate with every single morsel of food and drink you consume, and soon you will realize for yourself what to cut and what not to. You can also try having a light, early dinner at around 7 pm and then give the stomach a rest till the following day. Alternately, take meals as usual but cut down on the sugar as much as possible. There is no need to say no to cakes and desserts entirely, as you might still have a lot of leftovers but again, be mindful about how much you eat.

Get back a proper sleep and exercise routine

Your sleep and exercise routine would have gone for a toss during the holidays, and it is quite normal if it takes a few days for you to get back on track. Skip the afternoon naps, and you will find yourself nodding off early. Instead of signing up for a gym in the New Year, start light by daily walks and jogs and slowly scale up. You can also try yoga to warm up the body without taxing it too much. Hunger pangs should not be ruthlessly suppressed, and Ayurveda suggests daily meditation instead, which will reduce the urge to overeat and help get better control over the body.


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