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Ayurvedic massage has a variety of health benefits and is one of the core practices of the panchakarma treatment. Regular ayurvedic massage allows the body to heal and recover from any pain and has also been proven medically to help in the management of other diseases and ailments. 

Below is a list of proven benefits of ayurvedic massage

  • It helps reduce stress and, maintain heart rate and blood pressure. 
  • Helps reduce burning sensation in diabetics.
  • Helps keep heels soft and undamaged.
  • Reduces knee pain in patients with arthritis. 
  • Lowers anxiety levels and depression.
  • Reduces migraines.
  • Relieves chronic back pain.

Regular Abhyangam therapy promotes better health and well-being. If you live in Singapore, search for “ayurvedic doctor near me” to find the closest Ayush centre. Ayush has a panel of extremely skilled ayurvedic doctors who provide the best therapies, treatments, medicines and recommend ayurvedic regimens for you to avail the best results. 

Ayush has 3 branches in Singapore. Simply by looking for “ayurvedic clinic near me“, you can find the nearest centre for Ayurvedic consultation, medicines, services and therapies and experience the best of Ayurveda in Singapore. 

Abhyangam is considered a great therapy to treat chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, dry skin, dermatitis and eczema. You can also perform Abhyangam at home, however this is not as effective as an in-house therapy session at the clinic. Sesame oil can be used to do a simple massage every morning to awaken the body and mind, but to experience intense pain relief, or alleviation of symptoms, visit Ayush for regular treatments.

Here, Ayurvedic doctors with experience in the field, provide the best advice. With a regular Dinacharya, proper diet according to your dosha, and the necessary medicines, it is easy to handle any ailment and boost overall immunity. Ayush offers only the very best, making it the perfect choice if you choose to live life the ayurveda way.




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