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Takradhara is an ayurvedic treatment which involves pouring medicated milk or buttermilk in a thin stream over the forehead. This has numerous benefits to the human body. Ayurveda recommends this procedure for helping treat diabetes related issues. 

Takradhara has an extremely cooling effect on the body. This is especially important in summer, as it refreshes and rejuvenates the body and the mind. This ayurvedic treatment provides relief from indigestion which might be brought on due to excessive heat. The head has numerous nerves which can reach the rest of the body, so Takradhara is effective not only for the mind, but the body as a whole. 

Stress is a common problem faced by everyone today. This, in combination with anxiety, can lead to migraines, depression and other mental disorders. Takradhara helps relieve these issues as well, and regular undertaking of this ayurvedic therapy can drastically improve mental wellness. 

Insomnia is another major issue. Takradhara helps promote better quality of sleep, and the ayurvedic herbs used in the buttermilk provide great therapeutic benefits. Headaches related to sinuses are also prevented with this. 

In the modern world where technology based working has led to increased screen time consumption, Takradhara helps maintain eye health/vision. Eye health is of utmost importance and since we stare at screens most of the day, it is absolutely essential to take steps to counter the action of excessive blue light exposure. Depending on your exposure to gadgets, your Ayurveda doctor will recommend the frequency of therapy you require. 

Ayush provides Takradhara and many other eye treatments which you can avail on the advice of skilled ayurvedic doctors at the clinic.


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