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Great skin is a result of good skincare habits and a healthy lifestyle.  While it is essential to follow a good skin care routine, it isn’t complete in itself. The 5,000 year-old-science of Ayurveda emphasizes on the philosophy ‘True beauty comes from within’.    

For this reason, Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment focuses on balancing the whole body and supporting the digestive system with a healthy diet while treating each individual according to one’s specific dosha.  Ayurvedic skincare routines include regular skin massages in order to eliminate toxins and ensure skin health.

Beautiful skin is not merely a cosmetic achievement. The ancient Ayurvedic texts describe clear and glowing skin as the hallmark of good health. Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment  uses natural and organic products that are the best skincare treatments you can give your skin.  The entire point of creating a skin care regime for is to stick to it long enough to see results and changes.

Ayurveda also emphasizes on natural products like Ghee, as it provides intense hydration for the skin and leaves your hands baby soft. You can also use ghee as a way to soften cuticles to do a home manicure. Njavarakizhi, is a practice that we at Ayush’s firmly believe in for it induces luster to the skin and nourishment for the whole body through the skin. Udwarthanam, another specific therapy is done with medicated oils and along with special herbal powders.

Technically, the skin is among the biggest organs covering your entire body. This implies that a dehydrated body will lead the skin to become dehydrated. Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment  contributes to bridging this gap as we grow old.

At Ayush, we aim to provide you with healthy and nourished skin, naturally, through our extensive list of Ayurvedic Skin Care therapies.


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