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Ayurveda accepts pain, even while trying to relieve it, for Nature intends pain to be a multi-layered message to us. Underlying the immediate directive “stop using that body part!”, lies a request to look into our lives and see what we are doing to create this misery.

Neurological disorders are a result of imbalance caused by an imbalanced vata and influence your brain, spine and central nervous system. The nervous system impacts every breath, feeling, decision and experience in our lives.

The Ayurvedic System of medicine has an effective concept of understanding the patho-physiology of the various forms of neuropathic pains. This system treats such ailments by categorizing them in Vata form of diseases. Nerve weakness or palsy refers to anything from weakness to complete paralysis and commonly, manifests following any kind of nerve damage. This form of Ayurvedic treatment for nerve pain is a holistic form of therapy that goes deep into underlying root cause and treats it in a calculated way.

Most of the neuropathic pains have effective treatment strategies in Ayurvedic medicine. The Ayurvedic treatment for nerve pain include external application of warm herbal medicated oils over the effected parts of the body on daily basis at least for a period of 21 days.

Ayurveda can prove to be a very curative approach in neurological disorders as it helps in maintaining a healthy balance for the brain. Shirodhara  promotes rejuvenation and revitalization of the body and better circulation reducing any stress that induces inflammation to the nervous system.

We deeply believe that every person’s body type is unique and the Ayurvedic treatment for nerve pain will also depend on the individual. Our Ayurvedic investigation and diagnostics will provide an invaluable and accurate outcome for all nervous system related ailments giving you potent relief.


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