Recommendations from AyurvedaSingapore for better work-life balance for a Pitta dosha person

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Your work is linked to your body type, says experts from AyushAyurvedic Sinagpore. In other words, you should know which of the three doshas you belong to. Kapha, Pitta and Vata are the three doshas or mind-body types. If you identify your body type, what is typical about it and how that connects to your environment, will give you a broad hint about the type of work that will suit you the most, opines physicians fromAyushAyurvedaSingapore. When you have a deeper understanding of who you are, chances are great that you can modify your present working condition, thus making it more satisfying, rewarding and enriching as well, add experts ofAyushAyurvedic Sinagpore.

Those with dominance of Pitta in their bodiesare the ones who are very intense and competitive. If they have it in a proportionate balance, they will show excellent positive traits. For instance, those who have more Pitta in their bodies will make better leaders, planners and decision makers. But, when the level of Pitta increases in a person in a disproportionate way, tilting the balance, they show a lot of aggression pompuousness. Both mentally and physically, these people feelexcessively hot. This manifests emotionally in the form of anger, frustration, irritation and resentment. Experts fromAyushAyurvedic Singaporeexplains that Pitta dosha is agni or fire. Hence, they are bright, hot, mobile, expansive, intense, light and expansive. They love challenge and are goal-oriented as well. They look for some sort of deep engagement, in order to digest, understand and assimilate deeply.

Ayush Ayurveda Singaporeexperts point out that Pitta dosha dominant people are goal oriented and they do a clearly structured work. They get empowered by their own challenges, decision making, competition and overcoming obstacles. At the same time, an excess of these conditions will trigger impatience, irritablity and domineering.

Experts fromAyurvedic Singapore opine that such people have to ensure that they keep their working environment cool. They have to resist their propensity to compete with their ‘Holier Than Thou’ and bossy attitude. Those who have excessive levels of Pittas show phenomenal success in sports, finance, law, politics and other segments where they can become leaders in their own rights.

Strengths of Pitta
Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore says Pitta being the only constitution of fire or agni, it is the most driven of the three doshas. This comes with a grit, focus and sharpness of mind that makes them some of the best planners and great organisers. They are also very detail-oriented.

Weaknesses of Pittas
Generally, those with dominant Pitta dosha are a confident lot and are desirous of taking the lead. They might as well struggle with authority, especially, if they feel that they are over qualified for the job they are doing, or they are not getting the requisite and adequate challenges or tasks they need to flourish. Also, they are the ambitious ones, always looking to scale heights and take up senior positions, whatever it takes for them to reach there. They even put in long hours of work outside the office as well. The caution Pittas need to take is that they are likely to get exhausted. Physicians at Ayush AyurvedaSingapore suggests they should be on alert for a possible burnout. They can also be overly rigid, leave little or no time for the family.


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